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Emergency Response Team Trained and Ready

Indonesian Mine uses service training to better prepare their emergency rescue team for any event and provide all employees with well-maintained and hazard ready chambers.

Refuge chambers form an integral part of a site’s overall emergency response plan. These chambers have the potential for saving lives if they are maintained, and appropriate training is provided.

Underground service training for the Emergency Response Team


  • Maintain refuge chambers to ensure the safety of thousands of personnel
  • Maximise emergency response team skills and knowledge
  • Integrated technology into safety procedures


The Indonesian based mine focuses on the exploration, mining and processing of ore containing copper, gold and silver. As one of the largest mines in Asia the site hosts a suite of refuge chambers. With continued expansion on the horizon, the company are looking to an effective way to maintain their safety training and emergency equipment.

The large metalliferous mine needed a centralised way to complete regularly servicing schedules and manage repairs across the entire fleet, including permanent and portable refuge chambers.


Improving safety through on-going training and development of personnel, ensure the emergency preparedness of all refuge chambers.


  • In-house refuge chamber servicing by qualified technicians
  • Practical and theoretical based training and certification, through MineARC’s Service School


On-Site Refuge Chamber Service Training

By completing MineARC’s Service School, the emergency response team became certified to perform critical operational checks and efficiently resolve any issues for two years. Regularly servicing and performing maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in to use at all times. With a qualified in-house team, capable of servicing a refuge chamber to a high standard, the company now has the ability to manage their servicing and through internal reporting adapt the schedule to better suit their needs.


Hands-On Experience

Training extended beyond the classroom, to a live underground chamber. The practice gave the emergency response team the correct skills and know-how to maintain all underground refuge chambers to full operation confidently. A hands-on approach allowed participants the chance to experience servicing their chambers, demonstrated within the context of the underground environment.


Aura-FX Specialty Training

The Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitor is the most technically advanced gas monitoring unit on the market, specifically designed for use in refuge chambers and safe havens. The emergency response team were trained in software updates and calibration. This new technology will provide more precise gas readings within the chamber, and when utilised as part of the MineARC System Intelligence network, Aura-FX delivers real-time gas monitoring data and analysis to the surface.


Service School has enabled the company to improve safety standards across the site by maximising the skills of their employees, creating a proactive workforce and actively managing refuge chamber performance. MineARC will continue to work with the company and site to provide ongoing support, regular training courses and annual auditing.

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