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Intrinsically safe solutions for the coal mining industry.
CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers

Safe Refuge Solutions for the Coal Mining Industry

Underground coal mine with CoalSAFE refuge chamber
Underground coal mine with CoalSAFE refuge chamber.

At MineARC, we understand the importance of safe refuge solutions in the coal mining industry. In consultation with the world’s leading mining companies and regional mining authorities, MineARC Systems manufactures a range of intrinsically safe (IS) refuge chambers and health and safety products engineered for underground coal mines.

Following the introduction of the 'Miner Act' into the United States in 2006; making refuge chambers mandatory in coal mines, MineARC invested heavily in the research and development of our patented intrinsically safe CoalSAFE Refuge Chamber. By 2010, the CoalSAFE had become the first refuge chamber in the world to receive MA Centre Certification in China - the compulsory certification for the Chinese coal mining industry.

MineARC's CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers can be built to comply with the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) federal regulations 30 CFR Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines' or to other recognised standards as required.

Industry Impact

How We've Been Recognised

Winner of the 2010, 2012 & 2013 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards.

WA Awards

Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certified

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WJE, Inc. Independent Blast and Structural Analysis

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WV Office of Miners' Health, Safety & Training Approval

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IHST, Inc. Independent Human Testing

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Chinese MA Centre Certified

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MineARC’s capacity to meet client specifications through customisation has aided in the development of a remote operating centre for Anglo American’s Grosvenor Metallurgical Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia.

Grosvenor Metallurgical Coal Mine Queensland, Australia

Powerless Technology for Intrinsically Safe Operation

CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers powerless MARCis life-support system, runs MineARC CO-CO2 Scrubber and CAMS patented systems.
CoalSAFE refuge chambers are designed for the coal mining industry, featuring intrinsically safe powerless MARCis life-support system, CO-CO2 Scrubber and CAMS patented systems.

MineARC's patented MARCis life-support system has the capacity to provide both powerless CO-CO2 scrubbing and air conditioning to a refuge chamber or control room. Due to its powerless design, the MARCis system is intrinsically safe, meaning it is incapable of causing an explosion in a coal mining environment.

MARCis is powered by compressed liquid carbon dioxide, which provides both cooling and powers the scrubber's fan. Utilising a sequential operating procedure, MARCis can be activated in less than 60 seconds when required.

Underground Control and Utility Rooms

Utility and control rooms complete MineARC safe refuge solutions for the coal mining industry
Utility and control rooms complete MineARC safe refuge solutions for the coal mining industry.

MineARC offers a range of control and utility-style rooms for day-to-day use in underground coal mining. These steel structures can be used as a collaborative environment for managing and monitoring daily operation and production activities, or alternatively as a crib-room area for scheduled break periods.

MineARC Control Rooms are general insulated and air-conditioned, with viewing windows and power access points. They can also be provided with ergonomic seating, compressed air and gas monitoring.

Waste Management Systems for Underground Coal Mining

CoalSAFE COALSpec Toilet for coal mining industry
CoalSAFE Toilet is designed to suit unique coal mining industry environments.

Based on the success of the award-winning  EnviroLAV Waste Management System in other industries, MineARC has developed an intrinsically safe toilet that can be utilised in underground coal mining.

Designed to be simple to operate and maintain, the EnviroLAV Toilet is a robust, semi-permanent structure that can be used both above and below ground wherever there is access to compressed air. It's most unique benefit lies in the requirement to empty just once every 12 months based on standard usage and temperature conditions; providing a significant cost saving to sites in the general maintenance of their toilet facilities.

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