Pressure Systems for Refuge Chambers

MineARC pressure systems for refuge chambers are designed to help maintain a safe, breathable atmosphere within the refuge chamber.

Systems include the Pressurised Access Safety System (PASS) to ensure safe entry into the refuge chamber, and the Positive Pressure Maintenance System (PPMS) to maintain positive internal pressure within the chamber.

MineARC TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers offer the PASS and PPMS as standard features, however, all other refuge chambers can be upgraded to include the systems.

The Pressurised Access Safety System (PASS) remote activation unit is located next to the door on the front exterior of the refuge, allowing personnel to prepare the chamber for safe entry.

Should the chamber’s fresh (mine) air supply be disconnected or compromised, the system’s external LED light will display red, indicating that the chamber is not positively pressurised and therefore unsafe for entry.

Once activated, the PASS will disperse controlled quantities of compressed air into the chamber until the internal pressure reaches 200 Pa. By ensuring that the pressure inside the refuge is slightly greater than outside, toxic contaminants are prevented from infiltrating the chamber during entry of personnel.

The Positive Pressure Maintenance System (PPMS) enclosure is securely mounted to the interior wall of the refuge chamber. Powered by a 24VDC power supply, the electric solenoid valve opens and closes to release measured amounts of breathable air from compressed air cylinders in order to maintain a positive internal pressure.

The quantity of compressed breathable air cylinders is configurable to suit various internal volumes and durations of operation.

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