Change-Over Station - CoalSAFE COS​

The MineARC CoalSAFE Change-Over-Station (COS) is designed to aid underground personnel as they exit the coal mine during an emergency. The change-over station provides a secure ‘staging-post’ stocked with replacement breathing apparatus.

Inside the COS, breathing apparatus such as self-contained-selfrescuers (SCSR’s) can be changed over in safety while providing coal mining personnel the opportunity to regroup and continue to plan their escape. Each model features custom-designed storage to accommodate site requirements.

Comparison Table

48hr Duration 96hr Duration 5psi Blast Resistance 15psi Blast Resistance Low Seam Construction High Seam Construction
  • * Capacity Every safe haven is built with a certain rated occupancy in mind. The life support systems are designed to safely house this number of people for the designated duration..
  • ** Intrinsically Safe System CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers do not require any electrical power to operate..
  • *** MSHA Compliant Certain CoalSAFE models are approved in the United States by the West Virginia Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training and are built to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) federal regulations '30 CFR Refuge Alternatives for Underground Coal Mines'.