Biotechnology and Agriculture Controlled Environments​

MineARC’s Biora Plant Growth and Research Grade Chambers allow for the development, refinement and repetition of specific growth and testing conditions within the biotechnology, agriculture and science fields. Our successful capabilities in creating controlled environments for industrial safety has allowed to design and develop reach-in and walk-in grow chambers that meet the specific needs of various industries.

Designed specifically for science and agriculture, MineARC’s Plant Growth and Research Grade Chambers provide maximum flexibility to meet changing research or production necessities; allowing for clients to have control over every part of the design, scoping and manufacturing process.


HMI Control and Remote Monitoring ​


Biora’s industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and remote, web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months worth of historical data. The system continuously monitors all vital control programs, sending alarms and push notifications (email and text message) via Ethernet and/or WiFi.

In addition to its remote monitoring capabilities, the system can also be accessed by a user-friendly touchscreen HMI Control Panel, located on the face of each Biora Chamber. The 7” high resolution, user-friendly touch screen can be customised with various levels of security to ensure your project is kept safe and secure at all times.

Lighting Control​

Supplementing light will affect plant growth and the development of metabolic processes. Optimal light conditions will vary across plant variety, crop and region. Adjusting light wavelength will impact disease resistance, taste and nutrition. Variations on light intensity, direction and distribution are just some of the conditions that can be manipulated within a Biora Walk-In or Reach-In Chamber.

MineARC’s technical experts and engineers can advise clients on the best lighting solution for their application from a wide range of lighting solutions.


Colour Balancing Eye Protection​

Grow rooms generate significant amounts of light that is ideal for plant cultivation – however not for the human eye, which requires broad spectrum light to focus, recognise shapes, notice movement, and see colour.

With Biora Method Seven Glasses, protect the eye from harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays, as well as infrared heat; all while correcting colour imbalances and restoring natural vision.

Choose from a range of LED and HPS Glasses, in numerous styles, as well as Biora’s ‘perfect colour’ camera lens filters.


The Biora UPRtek PG200N Spectrometer is a professional plant light detector embedded with PAR reference spectrum allowing users to identify if their light spectrum configuration meets required plant absorption levels.

It is ideal for use across the following applications:

  • Plant growth facilities
  • Floriculture
  • Algae culture
  • Nurseries
  • Greenhouses

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