HPS Eyewear Range

Biora’s HPS Glasses for grow rooms, designed by Method Seven, feature unique mineral glass lenses that deliver perfect colour balancing in the intense yellow spectrum and harsh visual conditions of HPS lighting environments.

Tuned and tested for grow environments, Biora Method Seven HPS eyewear is available in a range of styles to help you perform your work more efficiently and with greater yields.

HPS lighting is highly effective in grow rooms as the light transmission is within a narrow “yellow” portion of the spectrum (around 590 nanometers); integral to the photosynthesis of plants. This same concentration of yellow light, however, is difficult for the human eye to process; creating visual problems for people working within it’s environment.

Another phenomenon that adversely affects someone working under HPS lighting conditions is the ‘strobe effect’; occurring as the lights slightly dim and brighten as the AC voltage cycles. While the brain compensates for this, the subconscious effect can cause headaches and nausea.

Compared to alternatives, Biora Method Seven HPS Glasses are designed specifically for grow rooms; providing the ability to view your foliage accurately – identifying pests and deficiencies early in the growth stage without the effects of yellow light exposure. The ‘plus’ silver coating option makes our glass lens even better for working in high wattage environments, and can cross over into outside use.

Other grow glasses on the market attempt to colour balance HPS lighting in grow rooms; however utilise cheap plastic lenses that result in poor clarity and light distortion. This forces the eyes and brain to work overtime in order to compensate; leading to fatigue, headaches and even eye damage.

  • Brings distortion-free focus and clarity to vision
  • Protects the eye from all harmful UV A, B and C rays
  • Made from high quality Italian synthetics
  • Flexible frame design and scratch-free lens technology ensures durability
  • Independently tested for impact and eye protection
  • Numerous styles available, including clip-on models

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