Reach-In Grow Chambers - Biora

Reach-In Grow Chambers by Biora are available in a range of sizes, from 240 – 1400L; providing complete control over environmental conditions to suit any plant growth requirement.

When compared to other Reach-In Chambers (RICs) on the market, Biora leads the charge; with a ground-breaking control system that allows for intuitive programming and remote, web-based monitoring and management.

Biora RICs also offer a large range of LED lighting options, unique to the research industry; including a selection of low intensity solutions for tissue culture sampling.

Reach-In Grow Chambers

Plant Growth Technology

Take charge of temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and CO2 levels, with MineARC’s advanced and unique technology, that comes standard in Reach-In Biora Plant Growth Chambers.