Portable Walk-In Grow Chambers - Biora

Portable Walk-In Grow Chambers by Biora provide the agricultural and biotech industries with a flexible solution to controlled environment requirements.

These pre-built chambers are manufactured at one of MineARC’s three manufacturing locations, then shipped to site ready for immediate use.

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor locations (with enough access), the fully portable design eliminates the hassle of onsite installation and certification.

Biora Portable Walk-In Grow Chambers provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise conditions and maximise production capabilities, product quality and security. Chambers can also be engineered to comply to with the necessary standards for research-based applications.

Portable Walk-In Chambers for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Biora Plant Growth Walk-In Chambers are available in a range of models, engineered specifically for the various growth stages of the plant. Chambers are customised during the design and manufacturing process to suit client requirements, industry recommended standards and best practice.

Biora Walk-In Chambers provide a significantly higher output than standard container farms, due to the purpose-engineered gas monitoring, LED lighting and cooling technology that allow for precise environmental control, despite it’s location.

The structure is framed with fully welded 6.4mm (1/4″) steel members that are painted in an epoxy primer and two component industrial top coat. Transportable via integrated forklift slots or ISO container corner castings; each chamber has undergone in-house analysis to ensure compliance with local building codes.

Walk-In Chamber Technology

Take charge of temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and CO2 levels, with MineARC’s advanced and unique technology, that is available in all Biora Walk-In Chambers.