Custom Research Infrastructure – Biora Controlled Environments

Custom Research Infrastructure, part of Biora’s Controlled Environments range, is an innovative solution to support strong, leading research initiatives.

Research infrastructure and equipment are the foundation for delivering project benefits, reportable outcomes, and remaining current in the fast-paced nature of scientific studies.

Develop your facility’s core equipment and capabilities through Biora’s range of established or custom-designed research infrastructure. Create tailored controlled environments for plant growth, scientific, or medical research.

As part of MineARC’s Client Support Program, Biora’s in-house team will provide expert guidance through product development, implementation, and on-going care.

Stay ahead of the game and invest in world-class research infrastructure with Biora.

In-Field Heat Chamber

Heat stress risk is a growing concern for the agricultural industry. Developing plant varieties, such as wheat and barley, that are able to overcome heat stress is critical. The Biora In-Field Heat Chamber provides plant researchers and breeders with the necessary infrastructure to screen and test on-site.

The design of the Biora In-Field Heat Chamber allows for maximum ingress of natural light. Its lightweight structure, combined with large pneumatic wheels, ensures ease of movement across any terrain.

Additional height permits heat stress testing on taller crop types, including canola and sorghum.

Custom Research Infrastructure

At times, existing infrastructure or equipment may not offer the specific capabilities required by researchers; Biora provides the opportunity to tailor your solutions.

Work alongside a leading team of engineers, to design, develop, and refine bespoke research chambers to meet niche client requirements. Customising infrastructure with Biora will remove speculation over the proficiency of equipment; allowing you to focus on research detail and delivery of results.

Reach out to our team and start discussing how Biora can transform your next project.