Cleanrooms - Biora

Cleanrooms by Biora offer portable or modular solutions to any application that requires a high level of environmental control, including manufacturing, scientific research, pharmaceutical and medical.

Biora Cleanrooms (also known as clean rooms or clean spaces) are engineered and manufactured to meet your unique conditions and required standard. With a range of established sizes and made-to-order designs to fit your application and configurations needs.

With decades of controlled environment expertise and a global support network, Biora cleanrooms are of the highest quality. Our leading team will guide you through cleanroom design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring your critical environment needs are met. Delivering you a purpose-built cleanroom to protect people, product, and the environment.

Clean Rooms - Portable and Modular Solutions

Cleanroom Technology

Controlling and managing the concentration of airborne particles and relevant environmental parameters requires precise construction and high-quality systems. During the design and construction of Biora cleanrooms, quality control focuses on several crucial features that support minimal contamination.