Climate Control Shelter

The Climate Control Shelter helps underground mining personnel avoid and escape extreme temperature heat stress on workers is a common cause of delays and costly stoppages to work in underground mining. To date, methods for combating the possibility of heat stroke or hypothermia in underground mine sites include; ensuring that workers are appropriately clothed, are acclimatized to extreme temperature environments and are adequately hydrated and rested. This generally involves miners leaving the work area at regular intervals and travelling extended distances to an underground break room or to the surface.

The Climate Control Shelter is a more time and cost efficient solution. It is a fully portable unit that can be placed in close proximity to the underground work area and relocated as required. The shelter minimises time lost during legally mandated break times, which can contribute to several hours of wasted productivity per person, on every shift.

Climate Control Shelter– Front View

Coated in resistant epoxy paint with acrylic polyurethane top coat. SSPC-SP10 sand blast cleaned.

Safety and operational signage in reflective stickering for high visibility underground. Translation into a second language available.

12mm porthole viewing window, compliant with Australian Standard 2208. Blast shield protection available upon request.

Motion sensor activated flashing beacon to allow for easy identification of the refuge chamber.

Bulkhead wall light with stainless steel components.

Secure outward opening entry door, featuring a rotating handle and compression seal.

25mm (1″) glass wool rigid board construction, clad with 3mm (1/8″) steel plate.


250 x 100mm (10 x 4″) forklift slots, accessible from all sides.