Underground ERT Vehicle – MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle

Underground ERT Vehicles by MineARC combine the safety and security of a high-quality MineSAFE refuge chamber with the manoeuvrability of a modern mine transport vehicle.

Engineered specifically for underground mining environments, the MineSAFE Rescue Vehicle gives emergency response teams the flexibility to safely extract injured personnel from the mine. Its 4-person occupancy, along with an integrated stretcher compartment, means that Emergency Rescue Teams (ERTs) can be dropped into emergency zones, while general personnel can be ferried to the surface.

A MineARC cabin can be integrated with any brand of mine vehicle, depending on site requirements and preference.


Underground ERT Vehicle - Interior View

The rear carrier features MineARC System’s proprietary life support equipment; from the latest in gas monitoring technology to advanced breathable air management. A sealed, positive pressure environment prevents the ingress of toxins and smoke during rescue operations.

• Suitable for SCSR’s

• Securing strap system

• Optional CO scrubbing

• Under seat – compact footprint

• Custom seat backs to accommodate rebreathers
• Seatbelts

Underground ERT Vehicle - Rear View

• Sand blasted
• Industrial grade finish

• Safety & operational
• Optional extra: Multiple languages

• 2 x 2,400 PSI Cylinders
• Regulated, high pressure gauge
• Guide rails and securing strap system