Airlocks and Vestibules

Airlocks and Vestibules by MineARC are designed to act as a secure staging area between the safety of the  refuge shelter and the outside environment; significantly reducing the threat of contaminants being brought into the refuge chamber on entry during an underground mine emergency.

MineARC offers a range of internal and external vestibule solutions designed to suit a wide variety of applications and entry requirements.

External Airlocks

External airlocks and vestibules are more suited to scenarios where direct access from an existing mine space or building door frame to the chamber is required. The airlock and vestibule can be custom-made to measure, ensuring an air-tight access point for personnel to move safely between site and the chamber during an emergency without the risk of exposure to external atmospheric hazards.

MineARC external airlocks and vestibules may also be retro-fitted to pre-exisiting chambers upon request.

Internal Airlocks

MineARC internal airlocks and vestibules provide a neat, fully integrated solution. Designed as a structural modification to the chamber shell, the internal airlock/vestibule provides a seamless entry way into the main chamber, while retaining portability of the unit as a whole. This also ensures coherent structural integrity and protection across the chamber.