ChemSAFE 标准型石化庇护所

MineARC ChemSAFE标准设计型石化庇护所专为石化作业场区设计。一旦发生毒害气体泄漏、火灾、爆炸等突发事故,庇护所为作业人员提供安全避险及等待救援场所.


The ChemSAFE Standard Design Safe Haven has been designed for extreme risk zones on any petrochemical facility. It features 0 ACH for toxic gas leaks, providing the highest level of chemical protection available. In addition, it is available with up to 12psi blast rating.

Click on the video opposite to see the ChemSAFE SD in the context of a petrochemical facility!

庇护所外部 – 正面




Extra low voltage green and red LED lighting and 112 dBA motion activated siren to allow for easy identification of the safe haven in an emergency.

Blast resistant porthole viewing window.

Sand blasted to 2.5 grit. High durability primer and industrial grade paint resistant to weather and corrosion.

Push button and timed.

The skid base provides ease of mavoeuvrability, featuring 250 x 100mm forklift slots, front and rear mounted tow points and front mounted 25mm steel plate push blocks.

Outward opening door, featuring double locking rotating handles. The vacuum tested seal maintains a positive internal pressure.





8watt fluorescent interior lighting is featured within the chamber.

Air conditioning is vital to combat the potentially fatal effects of heat stress, caused by the occupant’s metabolic activity, as well as any ambient heat. Shown in image is custom air conditioning solution.

MineARC’s MARCISORB CO and CO2 cartridges provide superior scrubbing capacity, are easy to load, safe to handle, and can store for long periods.

Inward opening with neoprene memory seal. Accessible internally and externally.

The digital controller interface is the operational hub of the refuge chamber. From here, all power, lighting & scrubbing systems can be managed with the push of a button.

MineARC seating is ergonomically designed to provide suitable comfort during entrapment. Made from durable, hard wearing fabric, the seating provides 500mm of space per person.

庇护所外部 – 背面

ChemSAFE石化庇护所背部安装了重要的电路及备用电池系统,设备放置在安全柜中。 UPS不间断电源电池存放在安全柜下方,一旦主电源被切断,备用电池可保障庇护所生命支持系统不低于12小时电源供给。

Communications box for internal communications port via wall mounted ‘J’ box. External antenna is fitted to front of chamber.

Air conditioning is vital to combat the potentially fatal effects of heat stress, caused by the occupant’s metabolic activity, as well as any ambient heat.Air conditioning shown in image is custom solution.

12 hour emergency backup power supply, with further options available for up to 96 hours (POA).


人数 * 高级数码控制系统 ** iVAN语音控制系统 *** Aura-FX气体监测系统 过渡舱 就地安全解决方案 12小时备用电池 抗爆强度5psi ****

8-30 5 psi
8-30 5 psi
CUST 1-10 psi
CUST 5 psi
  • * 人数 石化庇护所均有额定人数,其生命支持设备根据此额定人数进行设计和配置。
  • * 人数高级数码控制系统** 所有装配系列IV滤清系统的石化庇护所均采用独特的高级数码控制系统.
  • *** iVAN语音控制系统 iVAN语音控制系统为用户提供操作规程语音向导.
  • **** 抗爆强度5psig MineARC可对石化庇护所抗爆强度进行升级.