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MineARC Systems is the global leader in controlled environments and safety technologies for the underground mining, tunnelling, chemical processing, disaster relief and biotechnology industries. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of emergency refuge chambers, safe havens, disaster shelters and grow chambers, as well as a range of remote monitoring, tracking and communications technologies that allow full integration in heavy industrial applications.

With 20 years' experience in the field, our dedication to ongoing research and development has kept us at the forefront of controlled environment and safe refuge technology. MineARC Refuge Chambers have been used successfully around the world in multiple mining and tunnelling emergencies to save lives.

With a strategic focus on client support, MineARC has offices and manufacturing facilities in Australia, South Africa, Chile, China, Europe and the United States, as well as a strong distribution network worldwide. MineARC is able to provide clients with 24-hour global support on custom design projects, commissioning and servicing.

MineARC Systems engineer, manufacture and supply industrial equipment to operations in over 60 countries. All MineARC Chambers comply with the highest international regulations and recognised ‘world’s best practice’ industry guidelines. Ensuring the highest quality control specifications are met, MineARC is the only manufacturer of refuge chambers and safe havens worldwide with an ISO: 9001 quality rating.

Industries supported by MineARC Systems

Hard Rock Mining

MineSAFE Refuge Chambers provide a safe and secure 'go-to' area for underground hard rock or metalliferous mine site personnel; safeguarding from dangerous and toxic incidents.


ChemSAFE Safe Havens and Shelter-in-Place solutions can achieve up to 0% ACH; providing safe emergency refuge at petrochemical facilities in the event of a blast or toxic gas leak.


TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers form an integral part of an underground tunnelling project’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP), providing safe refuge for personnel during the construction phase and beyond.

Coal Mining

CoalSAFE Refuge Chambers collectively provide a safe network of intrinsically safe areas for underground coal mine sites, protecting personnel from all common coal mine site incidents.

Disaster Relief 

StormSAFE Shelters are engineered to withstand extreme wind speeds and severe weather conditions, allowing personnel to remain on-site safely during a natural emergency.


Biora Growth Chambers are digitally monitored environmental controlled walk-in and reach-in rooms, suitable for all plant science and agricultural biotechnology applications.







Safe lives


MineARC Systems Services and Capabilities


With a global engineering team on side, MineARC Systems have the ability to customise any product to suit the technical requirements of each project. Clients can rely on our in-house expertise in mechanical, electrical and software engineering, as well as our industry experience to deliver innovative solutions.

Research & Development

MineARC set the benchmark in new technologies. We aspire to be at the forefront of innovation and R&D; in a bid to improve production efficiencies, save our clients money, and most importantly – ensure all personnel return home. Ongoing research and development ensure the needs of clients and the industry are met.

Client Support

A comprehensive client support system is built to support the critical nature of regular chamber maintenance. Our global service team offer a range of options to ensure your capital investment is kept in optimal condition; including technical support, upgrades, free annual audits and a dedicated training centre.

How We've Been Recognised

2018 Telstra WA Business of the Year

WA Awards

Winner of the 2010, 2012 & 2013 Western Australian Industry & Export Awards

WA Awards

Winner of the 2015 ITA Tunnelling Awards

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Winner of the 2014 Australian Mining Prospect Awards

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Winner of the 2013 ITA Tunnelling Awards

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[SiriUS-LUX] is a great light and works well under all conditions. The broader beam is great for fitters and electricians that work up close to equipment [and] the turbo mode lit the world on fire! Easy to like and endorse, I will keep recommending it to miners all over the world.

Sean Blanchette – Surveyor

MineARC has been a great asset to PMC. They have provided technical expertise on the maintenance of our Refuge Chambers, proactively recommended and implemented improvements in areas that add value and have provided real backup on spare parts. A pleasure to work with and always accommodating, their staff is very personable and they handle all my Refuge Chamber needs.

Jonas Ndlovu Mine Captain, Palabora Mining Company (PMC)

MineARC’s capacity to meet client specifications through customisation has aided in the development of a remote operating centre for Anglo American’s Grosvenor Metallurgical Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia.

Grosvenor Metallurgical Coal Mine Queensland, Australia

The MineARC team, from initial concept discussions through to handover on site, provided a professional service. The StormSAFE shelter met all of our technical criteria and the internal fit out provides total flexibility for seating arrangements within the two centre modules.

Trevor Beattie Capital Works Manager, Atlas Iron

MineARC has made a significant impact to safety standards at the Lyon-Turin Tunnelling Project. Since February 2015, MineARC has commissioned 4 chambers onsite, including a custom TunnelSAFE MSV Refuge Chamber designed to fit 30 standing.

Lyon-Turin Tunnelling Project

PetroChina selected MineARC as their manufacturing partner, due to MineARC’s strong reputation within the petrochemical industry. The MineARC ChemSAFE offers the most advanced technology in safe-refuge and will greatly aid our emergency response in case of an emergency.

Mr Zang PetroChina Oil and Gasfield Southwest Company

We [have] partnered with MineARC Systems, the leading worldwide supplier of mine refuge chambers; bringing the best in mine rescue technology to Newmont’s underground operations.

Newmont Mining Corporation Newmont 'Our Voice', 3rd June 2016

Latest News

Inside a Custom Refuge Chamber Strengthens Safety on Small TBM




良好的通信系统是隧道工程建设的基本要求之一,主要用于风险管理和应急反应工作中。 应急通信系统在隧道施工中用于发布信息、发布指令等,是实施应急计划、人员管理和启动疏散的重要工具。 地下施工属于高风险作业。未知岩层存在诸多不确定因素,水灾、火灾、冒顶片帮等事故灾害时刻威胁着作业人员宝贵的生命。由于施工人员时常远程独立作业,如何与他们进行沟通成为项目建设的重要环节。 风险控制旨在保护作业人员以及项目的顺利完成。如果没有深入细致的应急预案, 难以为地下施工提供安全保障。 风险识别至关重要。不安全的工作环境造成的事故, 特别是运输环节上出现差错, 除了产生人身伤害相关费用外,还可能招致公众舆论批评, 增加不必要的花费或延误。 实时预警系统有助于防止事故发生及作业效率低下, 并改善安全管理系统。 传统应急通信系统 隧道和地下施工嘈杂的工作环境, 可能会给通信带来困难。传统隧道施工应急报警系统主要采取以下方法: ·声讯, 如收音机、固定电话或铃声等。 ·视讯, 如信号代码和彩灯等。 在井下硬岩开采项目中,较为普遍的应急预警方法是采用恶臭气体。该方式还没有在隧道行业普及,但在各种地下施工项目中,恶臭气体的使用已经逐渐在增多。 恶臭气体应急通信系统 恶臭气体是一种紧急报警系统, 适用于声音警报效果不佳的嘈杂工作环境。 在紧急情况下, 恶臭气体释放出辨识度超强的气味,并通过通风系统迅速散发,警示作业人员立即前往安全区域。 恶臭气体是一个实用并可到达远程的警报系统,借助内部通风设施,该系统可在地下独立运行,而不依靠无线电或照明等通信设施。 MineARC恶臭气体系统有手动和电电动两种模式,主要包含以下三个方面:  恶臭气体:通过难闻的气味向人员提供嗅觉预警, 弥补视觉或听觉警报不足的情况发生。  除臭剂: 一种化学中和器,在恶臭气体释放后使用, 以消除难闻气味。  冬青气: 气味芳香,通常用作 “一切安全” 的信号,提示人员警报解除,可以回到作业区域。冬青气也可以替代恶臭气体。 在视觉或声音警报效果不佳的情况下,可以通过电动或手动方式快速激活恶臭气体装置, 启动应急程序。 恶臭气体在隧道建设及地下施工中的应用 在隧道施工中使用恶臭气体, 可以为项目提供常规应急通信系统之外的额外保护。恶臭气体预警系统适用于竖井以及地铁隧道等大型工程项目,是嘈杂环境或没有便携式无线通信设备条件下的优选方案。 隧道工程建设千差万别。MineARC恶臭气体预警系统可根据场区要求进行定制,从基本的手动设置到整体电动设置均可实现。MineARC技术人员可协助作业场区进行设备分布。 采用有效的通信系统,在隧道和地下空间建设项目中至关重要,可防止事故发生以及反应延迟。除了传统方法,我们建议作业人员考虑其他有效的预警系统,以更好地保障人员安全和施工进度。

AirBANK Pressure System for Shelter-in-Place Safety

AirBANK 正压系统改善就地安全解决方案

对于就地安全解决方案而言,关键在于保持内部正压, 以防止毒害气体入侵。

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