First Responder Bag - MERET OMNI PRO X

First responder bags by MERET allow medical professionals to deliver care rapidly and proficiently. 

The MERET OMNI PRO X is the perfect BLS/ALS system for the first responder who is looking for an organised solution for their equipment.

The main internal compartment of this first responder bag can be adapted to efficiently organise large and small items by using the innovative Slider system. Overlapping panels are designed to secure internal contents while providing easy access to the Deep Stuff Pocket and Stickit Strips.

The OMNI opens fully in one direction, providing fast access to all compartments without the need to move the bag. A large front pocket offers space for longer items such as intubation aids, whilst a system of grommet holes allow all compartments to be air dried while the bag is completely closed.

First Responder Bag - the MERET OMNI PRO X
First Responder Bag - the MERET OMNI PRO X
First Responder Bag - the MERET OMNI PRO X

The OMNI PRO X has been ergonomically designed for use as a
first responder backpack, shoulder bag, or carry-bag; and can be grabbed from any position using a system of light weight comfort-grip side handles.

The unique design features a hideaway, mountaineering-style
backpack harness that provides a snug and secure fit. Walk, run,
climb, or descend; this backpack system keeps the entire bag close
to your body with a comfortable fit, courtesy of the padded lumbar
support. All sides of the bag that may come into contact with the
ground are reinforced to ensure durability and water resistance.

  • Front name tape area for identification
  • Front laser cut panel for accessory customisation
  • Fits 4 TS2-Ready modules
  • 1 Deep Stuff Packet and 2 Stickit Strips
  • Matte finish metal hardware and oversized YKk zippers
  • Double stitching on all stress points
  • Lined and riveted bottom with skid runners to prevent wear
  • Inner foam construction to maintain shape and protect contents
  • Comfort Grip carry handles and hideaway adjustable harness

First Responder Bag - Key Features

First Responder Bag - the MERET OMNI PRO X

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