Emergency Rescue Bag - MERET V.E.R.S.A. PRO X

Emergency rescue bags are designed to be configured in any number of ways, making equipment access as efficient as possible.

The MERET V.E.R.S.A. PRO X is a highly versatile emergency response backpack, with attention to detail paid towards to safe infection control procedures.

The V.E.R.S.A. is completely customisable, and capable of housing a range of full size or mini modules with adjustable internal dividers. Constructed both internally and externally from non-absorbing infection control materials, this emergency rescue backpack is specifically designed to be easily cleaned to remove blood borne pathogens.

Double the capacity of this backpack with the addition of TS2 Ready modules, which can be configured in any number of ways to make equipment access as efficient as possible.

Emergency Rescue Bag - MERET V.E.R.S.A
Emergency Rescue Bag - MERET V.E.R.S.A
Emergency Rescue Bag - MERET V.E.R.S.A

An overlapping inside panel is designed to secure internal contents, whilst still providing access to zippered pockets and a document sleeve. Outer zippered pockets provide organisation for pens, phones, and other smaller items. A system of grommet holes allows all compartments to be air dried while this emergency response bag is completely closed.

The unique design features a hideaway backpack harness that provides a snug and secure fit. Walk, run, climb, or descend; this emergency rescue backpack system keeps the entire bag close to your body with a comfortable fit, courtesy of the padded lumbar support. All sides of the bag that may come into contact with the ground are reinforced to ensure durability and water resistance.

  • Constructed from wipe-clean infection control materials
  • Supports up to an M9 oxygen cylinder
  • Bright internal materials for easy viewing of supplies
  • Fully concealable backpack harness for rapid deployment
  • Oversized YKk zippers for durability
  • Loop tape lined panel attaches a variety of internal modules
  • Customisable large internal compartment, with overlapping internal panel to secure contents
  • Low profile Comfort Grip top carry handle

Emergency Rescue Bag - Key Features

Emergency Rescue Bag - MERET V.E.R.S.A

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