Firefly Smart Lighting System

The Firefly Smart Lighting System utilises intelligent illumination to communicate critical information to the underground workforce. Firefly provides sites with the ability to clearly indicate safe, unsafe and seismic zones within the underground mine, as well as providing a visual alert when evacuation is necessary.

Enclosed in a compact, robust unit designed for the underground mining environment, the LED lighting can be controlled both in zones or individually.

Firefly can be integrated into existing MineARC Refuge Chamber Control Systems via the Firefly UPS Controller Board.

GuardIAN Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics System

The Firefly Smart Lighting System provides underground mining operations with a new additional layer of safety. Through smart illumination and user friendly control software, Firefly provides a robust and reliable solution to visual navigation and alerts in the underground mining environment.

Firefly Smart Lighting is ideal for:

  • Underground personnel; improving general lighting levels to optimise efficiency, reinforcing safety procedures through visual alerts, and providing vital communications in times of need
  • Mine managers; managing daily operations and initiating alerts and emergency evacuations
  • Geo science managers; managing seismic zones and initiating alerts
  • Production managers; improving visual identification of draw points and demarcating active loading and automation zones
  • Ventilation managers: automating the demarcation of non-ventilated areas and safe-to-enter zones
  • Electrical managers; providing easier-to-deploy, lower cost illumination into mining areas
  • Quick and effective zone management
  • Real-time demarcation of seismic areas and associated alerts
  • Fire & emergency event evacuation
  • Guidance to safe refuge or safe areas
  • Improved illumination for post-event inspections
  • Vehicle traffic awareness
  • Data backhaul from geotechnical instruments
  • Small, compact and robust
  • IP65 and IK06
  • Supports multiple colours and modes
  • Quick connect/disconnect design
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Li-Po internal battery backup
  • 18 individual high-powered LEDs
  • Wireless enabled, featuring Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart

A single Firefly Smart Light provides a range of selectable colour options; including white, red, green, amber and blue. In addition, multiple modes of operation are available, including static, flashing for alerts and trailing for directional assistance.

Sites can customise alerts as well as default lighting modes - both in regards to colour and function - based on their particular preferences and current safety procedures.

The Firefly UPS Controller Board - housed within the MineARC Refuge Chamber Control System - provides the critical decentralised intelligence for the Firefly Smart Lighting System.

  • Controls and monitors the 4 output loops (48VDC 20A power supply at 5A per loop)
  • Auto discovery of Firefly devices for trouble free installation
  • Controls modes of operation and colour change
  • Multiple connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS485, Modbus/TCP and CAN Bus
  • Central monitoring via local web application
  • Current loop trigger to change all lights to a pre-programmed 'Emergency' mode
  • Each module is connected to the next via a 4 core control cable
  • Pre terminated armoured control cables utilise IP65 quick disconnect connectors
  • Auto discovery and auto numbering of Firefly devices enables easy system extensions or replacements
  • On board 1.5Ah internal Lithium Polymer battery provides each Firefly module with an extra 3 hours of run time
  • Rugged design, built specifically for underground mining production areas
  • Operates across a wide ELV voltage range of 6-60VDC
  • 802.11g/n and BLE wireless capability to provide a redundant communications path in the event of cable damage
  • Each Firefly module can track and position Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tags to 10m accuracy
  • Wireless connectivity provides a data backhaul for other environmental sensors

Firefly Smart Lighting aids in personnel navigation during an emergency scenario; marking a clear visual path to the closest MineARC Refuge Chamber.

The smart lights sync automatically to the UPS controller and lighting module, housed securely within the refuge chamber; changing colour to indicate safe or dangerous routes based on gas levels detected in the area.

Firefly Smart Lighting should be installed five (5) meters apart, running directly from the refuge chamber and along both sides of the tunnel wall. The bright LED lights will clearly illuminate the tunnel profile green when the route to the refuge chamber is safe; providing personnel with clear navigational assistance and alleviating any doubt around which direction to travel. In contrast, Firefly Smart Lighting will change to red if the route to a particular refuge chamber is unsafe - allowing personnel to change direction and navigate to another point of safe refuge.

Firefly Smart Lighting helps to manage the day-today demarcation of safe and unsafe areas of the mine. With each module capable of multiple colours
and modes, the system can provide a variety of demarcation functions. As an example, 'amber flashing' lights may indicate a dedicated travel way,
'red static' lighting to communicate that a seismic Level 1 event is in progress, and site-wide 'red flashing' can be used to alert personnel to a high priority emergency evacuation.

Firefly Smart Lights illuminate ahead and behind the path of heavy vehicles to indicate approach; reducing accidents and minimising traffic issues.

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