MineARC’s monitoring & alert systems range offers a variety of products suited to harsh industrial conditions and underground environments.

The development of The GuardIAN Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic System is an exciting new development in refuge chamber technology. MineARC continues to offer the ever popular Stench Gas range which is perfect for use in underground ventilation systems as an alert gas for emergency evacuations. The powerful odour can be quickly dispersed throughout an underground mine to alert workers of impending danger.

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Monitoring & Alert Systems

GuardIAN Remote Monitoring

GuardIAN enables real-time monitoring; providing confidence that an operation’s fleet of refuge chambers are emergency ready at all times. It is an independent system that continuously monitors all vital refuge operating systems.

  • Video monitoring & VOIP video phone
  • Monitoring of vital operating systems
  • Multi-device interface, no software installation needed

Stench Gas Alert System

The Stench Gas System is designed to suit noisy locations where alarms cannot be heard. Available in either a manual or remotely operated electric configuration, the unit will send a clear and definitive odour in the event of an emergency.

  • Electric option with remote activation
  • Manual option with gas release valves
  • Post alarm options for stench neutralisation