Digital Tag Board - GuardIAN

The Digital Tag Board by MineARC will compliment any tracking and tagging system.

Designed as a plug-and-play unit, the tag board allows personnel to pair their MineARC personal devices to their unique ID number and digitally tag on for the day. There is also a manual redundancy, utilising the traditional method of hanging the ID tag to a hook.

Digital Tag Board - GuardIAN
  • Standard 100-person configuration
  • Expansion modules available
  • Integrates with MineARC's GuardIAN Intelligence Network (read on for more details)
  • Digital process, with manual redundancy
  • Security light and camera
  • Solid steel frame for rugged environments

MineARC's Tracking Technology has been specifically developed to integrate with the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, allowing sites to remotely monitor the location and well-being of all underground staff.

A small tracking chip located within MineARC's personal devices (such as the SiriUS-LUX Cap Lamp and Aura-PT Handheld Gas Detector) communicates via wireless technology with the nearest GuardIAN Node, providing location information back to the GuardIAN Network.

GuardIAN Tracking Technology is particularly useful during an emergency scenario; providing navigational assistance to safe passage or the nearest refuge chamber.

Digital Gas Monitor Wall Mounted

Learn More About the GuardIAN Tracking Node

Discover how GuardIAN Personnel Tracking can integrate with the wider GuardIAN Intelligence Network to visually show all personnel within the underground mine.

Click on the video opposite to learn more!

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