Biora Research Grade Chambers

Biora is manufactured to be a high quality, reliable, and economical growth chamber across the Science and Research industries.

MineARC offers comprehensive expertise and capabilities in the design and manufacture of controlled environments and have specified a range of research grade chambers to meet client requirements. Biora Research Grade Chambers provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise testing conditions.

All componentry is designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and serviced by MineARC Systems.

Biora Research Grade Chambers
  • Precise environmental control based on required specifications
  • Remote monitoring and inter-chamber connectivity with MineARC’s GuardIAN System
  • Purpose-engineered gas monitoring and atmosphere control
  • High output, compared to standard container farms
  • Robust, durable chamber shell with modular options available for ease of transport
  • Dedicated Engineering team to provide customised configurations and internal features
  • End-to-end service with local after sales support and maintenance schedules
  • ISO 9001:2018 Certification
  • Advanced, highly efficient cooling, heating and ventilation control options
  • Upward airflow feature to minimise the formation of condensation on samples and equipment
  • Wire mat shelving for optimisation of vertical air flow
  • Internal temperature, humidity & pressure sensors
  • Redundancy HVAC and control systems ensuring the health of crops
  • Built-in de-humidification and advanced humidification equipment
  • Fluorescent lighting as standard
  • Low-to-moderate light intensities, designed for research suitability
  • LED lights and lights with higher intensity options available
  • Gas monitoring and control of oxygen and carbon dioxide as standard (additional gas sensors can be added as required)
  • Gases are measured by internal Aura-FX probes
  • Excess carbon dioxide removal available with MineARC scrubbing technology, reducing CO2 levels as required
  • Carbon dioxide enrichment options to optimise the vegetative and reproductive growth stages

Security and real-time monitoring of Biora is achieved through MineARC’s GuardIAN Control System. GuardIAN provides users with a secure, locally hosted control portal which is accessible via computer, tablet or smartphone with minimal set-up.

GuardIAN is an independent system that continuously monitors all vital operating systems, sending alarms and push notifications (email and text message) via Ethernet and/ or WiFi.

All diagnostics and real-time monitoring are easily accessible through a secure, locally hosted webpage; compatible with any computer, tablet or smartphone. The GuardIAN homepage features a summary of your entire Biora fleet and overall operational status, with the ability to drill down to a detailed report of each research chamber.

In addition to it’s remote monitoring capabilities, GuardIAN can also be accessed by a user-friendly touchscreen HMI Control Panel, located on the face of each Biora Research Grade Chamber. Fan speed, fresh air intake and exhaust ports can all be controlled by GuardIAN via the HMI Control Panel.

GuardIAN provides the added advantage of security within the research chamber, with an internal IP camera; accessible remotely. A number of optional security access solutions are available to protect your investment including:

  • Electric smart key lockable door with PIN code or swipe access
  • External IP cameras installed for both security and remote chamber monitoring
  • Internal temperature, humidity and pressure sensors.
  • Modular, pressurised airlock options available
  • Airlock allows for a controlled environment within the internal chamber, with minimal air flow disturbance
  • Optional air curtain at main entry door
  • Anteroom options also available

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