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From the leaders in controlled environments, MineARC’s multi-functional Biora Walk-In and Reach-In Chambers have been specifically engineered for research and agricultural applications.

Biora Research Grade Walk In Chamber with Airlock Render

Biora Walk-In and Reach-In Chambers for Biotechnology

Enjoy the benefits of innovative functionality, versatility and the replication of any environmental condition within a secure and robust modular shell.

For every Biora Walk-In and Reach-In Chamber, MineARC offers a consultative design process; enabling clients to have control over all aspects of the engineering and manufacturing phase.

Biora provides proven accurate monitoring systems for the efficient production of controlled environment agriculture, and can be effectively utilised in the research of:

  • Plant Growth
  • Germination
  • Tissue Culture
  • Crop Sciences & Diseases
  • Algae
  • Arabidopis
  • Entomology
  • Seeds and their storage and drying applications.
  • Medical Cannabis

Biora Plant Growth Chambers

Biora Plant Growth Chambers provides the agricultural industry with the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise conditions, maximise production capabilities, product quality and security, whilst conserving water and energy use.

  • Engineered for each stage of the growing process
  • Remote monitoring & security
  • Temperature & humidity control
  • Changeable light canopies
  • Gas monitoring with CO2 control

Biora Research Grade Chambers

Biora is manufactured to be a high quality, reliable, and economical growth chamber across the Science and Research industries. Biora Research Grade Chambers provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise testing conditions.

  • Clean, controlled environment for research purposes
  • Remote monitoring & security
  • Precise air flow and conditions
  • Advanced lighting control
  • Airlock/anteroom options

Biora Stand Alone Scrubber

The Biora Stand Alone Scrubber is a compact air regenerative system that ‘scrubs’ carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air within enclosed spaces; allowing for complete control of CO2 levels for plant growth and research applications. The Biora Scrubber is easy to operate, with swap-out chemical cartridges.

  • Stand alone scubber designed for use in pre-exisiting rooms
  • Compact design
  • Creates a controlled environment
  • Single switch operations
  • Easy swap-out of chemical cartridges

Biora Spectrometer

The Biora Spectrometer provides clients with the ability to measure natural light in optimal growing conditions; utilising the data provided to then replicate this environment within a Biora Chamber. The spectrometer features WiFi remote control operations and SD card data storage.