Self-Contained Self-Rescuer (SCSR) for Underground Mining - DEZEGA Ci-30 KS

The DEZEGA Ci-30 KS  Self-Contained Self-Rescuer is a portable waist-worn SCSR that is used for escape from irrespirable atmospheres over medium- and short-haul routes in underground mining scenarios.

The self-rescuer contains a cartridge with chemically bound oxygen (KO2) - enough to leave a danger zone within 30 minutes, or to wait for help for up to 90 minutes. As oxygen is released, the active cartridge substance simultaneously absorbs carbon dioxide, and thus the SCSR completely isolates the user’s respiratory organs from the hazard.

The DEZEGA Ci-30 KS SCSR is a closed-circuit breathing apparatus, ensuring the user does not inhale outside gases after donning. The device provides the user with both an oxygen source and a carbon dioxide neutraliser (scrubber).

Chemically bound oxygen reacts with the carbon dioxide exhaled by the user;ultimately absorbing the CO2 and and allowing breathable air to circulate within the device.

The Ci-30 KS features an automatic starter, in which oxygen generation begins automatically when the self-rescuer is donned and exhalation is detected.

  • AS/NZS and EN certified models available
  • 30 minute minimum duration
  • Compact design at 2.5kg weight
  • Automatic starter device
  • KO2 (chemically bound oxygen) source
  • Rugged construction with abrasion resistant case
  • Colour-based moisture indication

Designed specifically for underground mining, the Ci-30 KS SCSR is housed in an anti-deformation, ruggedised casing. This ensures the life-saving equipment is kept free from damage, particularly in mines with highly abrasive surfaces and narrow passageways.

Nominal rated duration in accordance with EN
13794:2002 and AS/NZS 1716:2012
- Escape (35 l/min)
- Waiting for rescue (10 l/min)
30 min
90 min
Maximum temperature of inhaled gas 50˚C
Maximum breathing resistance 1kPa
Average CO2 content 1.5%
Weight carried 2.5 kg
Shelf life 10 years
Self-Contained Self-Rescuer Ci-30 KS Dezega rugged casing
Self-Contained Self-Rescuer Ci-30 KS Dezega Moisture Indicator

The moisture indicator is a transparent capsule with hydrophobic material, installed in the self-rescuer casing on the top of the unit.

Should the indicator change colour from blue to white, this is a sign that moisture has infiltrated the capsule; resulting in a risk of case leakage and untimely cartridge activation. The self-rescuer must then be checked with a DEZEGA testing unit.

Behaviour in an emergency is difficult to predict. Human instincts are sometimes counter-intuitive. The best way to maximise chance of survival is training personnel in how to don and breathe in a self-contained self-rescuer in order to develop learned behaviour.

The DEZEGA SCSR TRAINER C allows personnel to practice the donning procedure and experience breathing conditions until the process becomes second nature. This greatly reduces the risk of failure to don an SCSR and efficiently escaping from irrespirable environments.

  • Exactly replicates the particularities of donning a DEZEGA Ci-30 KS
  • Reusable case
  • Replaceable breathing hoses and mouthpieces are available, allowing multiple personnel to train on the same unit
SCSR Training Unit with Training Resources

Chemical oxygen is moisture-sensitive. Although all DEZEGA SCSR cases are leak-proof, improper storage and wear might case undetectable leaks. A moisture indicator will react to the slightest degree of leakage.

The SCSR testing device can be utilised to ensure that the case has no critical damage and the unit is in working condition. This device should be used for regular inspections, as well as in the case of a moisture indicator turning white or pink.

Sites can purchase their own SCSR testing device, or units can be tested and serviced by MineARC Systems' team of technical experts.

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