You have found the Chamber of Knowledge Podcast. This podcast focuses on controlled environments and safety technologies brought to you by the global industry leaders at MineARC Systems of North America.

This podcast was created by the team at MineARC Systems North America. We are here to discuss different aspects of the business. We will discuss hot industry topics, educate our listeners on our product offerings and share many adventures and industry experiences with you. Sit back grab a cup of coffee and lets have some fun.

Episode 1

Into the World of MineARC Systems

Speakers Bio

James Rau, General Manager for North America

James Rau was born and raised in Australia, moving to the United States in 2006 to open MineARC’s first overseas location. 

Prior to MineARC, James installed the first MineARC Refuge Chambers at the Pajingo Mine in Australia.  During this time, he got to know Geoff, MineARC Systems Director, and saw firsthand the culture and values of MineARC. When it came time to decide on whether to leave engineering for MineARC, the decision was easy.

James tries to live by his philosophy of continuous improvement. “If you aren’t getting better, you are dying” is his favorite saying. In true fashion to this, he has taken up (and given up) a number of mental and athletic challenges over the course of his life. He has been a chess player, rock climber, kickboxer, and will always be a frustrated surfer.

Scott, North American Sales Rep

I am a native Texan and have been with MineARC Systems for fifteen years, which is a huge accomplishment. I have been promoted several times and held various positions with MineARC since 2006. Now I oversee the capital and ancillary sales for the US and Canada, the opportunities for professional growth are endless.

Upcoming Episodes

Sanitation in Mining

Maintaining hygiene in an unground environment can be challenging. In this podcast, we will learn how MineARC has simplified this issue with their EnviroLAV product line.

Psychological Effects of Being in a Refuge Chamber

In this episode, we will dive into the psychological effects on individuals confined in a refuge chamber. What does it feel like, what do you do to pass time, and are there lasting effects from being in there for a period of time. These are just a few questions that are regularly asked.  

Physical Effects of Being in a Refuge Chamber

An hazardous emergency occurred but you are safe in a MineARC Refuge Chamber. Now the waiting game begins. In this podcast, we will learn what the physical effects that come along with being confined to a refuge chamber.

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