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Emergency Response​ and Rescue


Supporting global safety leaders;
training for 'that moment'.

When ‘that moment’ comes, performance is critical. There is no room for error and no second chances. MineARC understands this all too well – during an emergency, our refuge chambers play a vital role in personnel survival. Therefore, we can relate to the pressures placed on Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) and endeavour to support them whenever we can.

Mine Emergency Response Competitions and other similar events provide an opportunity for ERTs to showcase their skills and readiness against their peers. Here at MineARC Systems, we live and breathe safety, which is we have continued to support Emergency Response Competitions across the globe.

Why We Support Emergency Response Teams

ERTs form an integral part of mining and underground safety. They bring together a dedicated group trained in the art of incident response across multiple disciplines. Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any time, and in ‘that moment’ these teams need to be ready to face challenges at all times.

Emergency response competitions expose teams to a range of realistic scenarios, putting their skills and teamwork under pressure and in the spotlight of seasoned professional adjudicators, their peers, colleagues, family and the general public. At these events, each ERT will respond to several incidents ranging from underground search and rescue, first aid, and hazmat.

MineARC Systems continues to sponsor mine emergency response and rescue, globally.

For almost a decade, the company has provided ongoing support to these events.

We will continue to support the ERTs who participate in these competitions

The Value of Emergency Rescue

Emergency Response Competitions allow teams to test their skills and knowledge in the field. Simulated emergency situations play an integral part in emergency response training.


Rescue Competitions provide an opportunity for personnel to share their knowledge and expertise with companies, their peers and the broader community.


Each team undergoes hours of intense training to meet the physical and mental demands of Emergency Response.


Safety is the highest priority. In the most intense situation, Emergency Response Teams leap into action, always putting the safety of others first.

Global Emergency Rescue Competitions