MineSAFE Standard Design 'Hinged' Training Chamber with Series IV Control System

The MineSAFE Standard Design Hinged Training Chamber offers the same advanced features as the standard training unit, with the added benefit of a fully sealing, oversized door.

This chamber is designed so that the entire face of the unit can hinge outwards; providing the ability to train a large group, whilst also showcasing the effects of a positive pressure environment.

The MineSAFE Standard Design Hinged Training Chamber is engineered based on the MineSAFE Standard Design Refuge Chamber and features the flagship Series IV controller and scrubbing system; the most advanced safe-refuge technology in the world. The system features improvements on the older Series III model, including i.V.A.N (Intelligent Voice Audio Navigation), MARCISORB pre-packaged chemical cartridges and improved data logging capabilities.

MineSAFE Standard Design Hinged Training Refuge Chamber
Hinged Training Refuge Chamber_2_web

The MineSAFE Standard Design Training Chamber features all of the major life-supporting features of a standard refuge chamber, including a Series IV scrubbing system, Compressed Air Management System (CAMS), battery bank and internal/external lighting and sirens. This allows sites to conduct comprehensive training in both the service and operation of all the vital componentry of a real-life MineARC Refuge Chamber.

  • Aura-FX Fixed Gas Monitoring
  • Refuge chamber Series IV control and scrubbing system
  • Chemical cartridge simulation props
  • External mine air filter kit
  • Air conditioning and dehumidifying system
  • Four-battery bank to power control system
  • Internal lighting
  • External warning siren and strobe lights
  • Communications system
  • 4-person seating
  • Training manuals and video

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