Compact Design Training Chamber - ELVP

The MineSAFE Compact Design Training Chamber - ELVP is engineered based on MineARC’s MineSAFE Compact Design Refuge Chamber and features an ELVP (extra-low-voltage-portable) control system.

The extra low voltage scrubber is also a feature of the TunnelSAFE range.

The Compact Design Training Chamber also features the Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) and Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System.


The MineSAFE Compact Design Training Chambers features all of the major life-supporting features of a standard refuge chamber, including an ELVP scrubbing system, Compressed Air Management System (CAMS), battery bank and internal/external lighting and sirens. This allows sites to conduct comprehensive training in both the service and operation of all the vital componentry of a real-life MineARC Refuge Chamber.

  • Aura-FX Fixed Gas Monitoring
  • Refuge chamber ELVP control and scrubbing system
  • Chemical cartridge simulation props
  • External mine air filter kit
  • Air conditioning and dehumidifying system
  • Four-battery bank to power control system
  • Internal lighting
  • External warning siren and strobe lights
  • Communications system
  • 4-person seating
  • Training manuals and video

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