MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber

The MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber range is engineered specifically to accommodate tight underground mining confines and sites with restricted access, while still providing sufficient internal space to comply with international best practice refuge chamber guidelines. The range is designed to be easily manoeuverable around sharp corners and within tight mine shafts; it's modular construction means each section can fit within a cage and then be fully assembled underground.

The Modular Design (MD) mine refuge chamber provides personnel with optimum safety features, functionality and performance.


MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber


Assembly of a MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber is a simple process that can take place on-site once all sections have been transported underground. Each section of the refuge chamber features a heavy duty flange arrangement, allowing the chamber to bolt together easily once a seal has been applied. MineARC's user-friendly electrical system features a plug-and- lay connection between each modular section to make a fully functioning emergency refuge chamber.

Standard configurations of the MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber are available based on occupancy – from 12 to 32 people- however it's dimensions and rated occupancy can be custom-engineered to site specifications, without compromising on safety or performance. Each section of the refuge chamber features forklift slots and lifting lugs for easy transportation around the mine site.


Model Occupancy Front-08 Centre-04 Centre-08 Centre-10 Rear-04
MS-SDM-12-SIV-36 12-Person 1 - - - 1
MS-SDM-16-SIV-36 16-Person 1 1 - - 1
MS-SDM-20-SIV-36 20-Person 1 - 1 - 1
MS-SDM-30-SIV-36 30-Person 1 - 1 1 1
  • Aura-FX Fixed Gas Monitor
  • Modular Design for Tight Confines
  • Skid Base with Additional Forklift Slots and Lugs
  • 5mm Steel Plate Construction
  • Blast Rating: 5psi
  • CO & CO2 Scrubbing
  • Breathable Air (O2) Supply
  • Air Conditioning
  • 36hrs UPS Battery with Option to Upgrade
  • Compressed Air Management System (CAMS)
  • Viewing Porthole
  • Pre-packaged Chemical Cartridges
  • Advanced Digital Controller
  • i.V.A.N
  • Ergonomically Designed Seating
  • Receptacle Plug
  • Internal LCD Monitors
  • Satellite UPS System
  • First Aid Kit
  • Carbon Monoxide Safety-Off-System
  • Positive Pressure Maintenance System
  • Automated Oxygen Delivery System

Chamber Exterior – Front

The ‘face’ of the refuge chamber is designed primarily for easy identification and quick access during an emergency.

The strobe lighting, warning siren and reflective signage alert passers-by to the chamber’s location, whilst the rotating door handles provide simple, straight forward access to the safety of the interior.

Chamber Interior

Inside a MineSAFE Modular Design Refuge Chamber, a number of vital life-support systems combine to create a safe, ongoing environment for occupants. Systems include; primary and secondary air (oxygen) supplies, air conditioning systems, positive pressure systems, electrical systems, gas detection and a chemical scrubbing system.

The chamber features a MineARC Series IV Controller; the most advanced safe-refuge technology, anywhere in the world.

The MineSAFE Modular Design uses MineARC's unique voice activated Series IV electrical scrubbing system in conjunction with MARCISORB chemicals to ‘scrub’ the build up of harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) and CO (carbon monoxide) from the air inside the refuge chamber.

Chamber Exterior – Rear

A secure cabinet at the rear of the MineSAFE Modular Design houses the refuge chamber’s UPS battery back up (Uninterruptible Power Supply). The UPS is a fail-safe system that can power the refuge chamber’s internal life support systems for a minimum of 24hrs, should mine power become cut-off.

Also at the rear of the chamber is the Compressed Air Management System (CAMS), which allows regulated compressed air into the refuge chamber when the pressure inside drops below 200Pa. This process optimises mine air usage and guarantees against over-pressurisation of the refuge chamber. CAMS' gas toxicity monitor automatically diverts compressed air if oxygen levels in the airline fall below a set level (18% oxygen in free air), signifying air contamination. Additionally, the incorporated flood protection valve automatically shuts down compressed air to avoid catastrophic and costly chamber damage in the event of water ingress.

Comparison Table

Aura-FX Gas monitoring Modular construction Air-conditioning 36hrs Battery Backup

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