Series IV Digital Control System

The MineARC Series IV Electrical Scrubbing System is considered to be the most advanced safe refuge technology in the world. The Series IV boasts all of the improvements of the Series III system, plus a host of additional features including a superior digital control system and intelligent voice audio navigation (i.V.A.N).

Additional improvements include pre-packaged MARCISORB Chemical Cartridges, intuitive operation, motion sensor logging and a modular controller design.

All MineARC refuge chambers and safe havens currently installed with a Series I, II or III scrubber can be upgraded to a Series IV control system. MineARC technicians can also retro-fit most non- MineARC chambers with the Series IV.


MineARC’s Series IV Digital Control System links directly to GuardIAN, streaming real-time system data to a surface control room. Data includes automated system checks, fault logging (battery, scrubber, temperature and inverter), system diagnostics, internal and external temperature measurements, and system actions such as scrubber activation.


The digital controller interface is the operational hub of the refuge chamber. From here all power, lighting and scrubbing systems can be managed with the push of a button.Exclusive to the MineARC Series IV Control System, i.V.A.N (intelligent voice audio navigation) represents a breakthrough in safe-refuge technology. i.V.A.N is the onboard navigation assistant that guides occupants through operational procedures.The system can also be programmed in virtually any language; useful for international operations where more than one language is spoken on site.

MARCISORB Chemical Cartridges

The MineARC Series IV Scrubbing System uses pre-packaged MARCISORB chemical absorber cartridges, an improved alternative to the traditional free-pour chemicals found in earlier scrubbing systems models. MineARC’s MARCISORB CO2 and MARCISORB CO cartridges provide superior scrubbing capacity, are easy to load, safe to handle, and can store for long periods.The use of chemical cartridges also translates to noticeable cost savings over the life of the chamber when compared to free-pour methods.

VOIP Video Phone

To assist occupants during an emergency or safety drill, GuardIAN also equips your refuge chamber with a VOIP video phone. This facilitates face-to-face communication between the refuge chamber and the surface; improving the psychological well-being of chamber occupants during an emergency and providing assistance to perform any difficult or technical procedures.

An added benefit of VOIP video phone access is that underground service and maintenance staff can make contact with technicians on the surface or even to be connected through to the MineARC Service Team for trouble shooting assistance.

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