Ambulance for Underground Mining - MineSAFE

The MineSAFE Ambulance provides a unique solution to safe and secure patient extraction from underground mining environments.

This modern transport vehicle, engineered specifically for off-road mining environments, gives paramedics the flexibility to safely transport injured personnel to the surface. The rear cabin of the ambulance features space for two medics, as well as room for a stretcher and first aid equipment.

The unique design of the rear carrier makes transfer from the MineSAFE Ambulance to a traditional surface ambulance quick and easy.

MineSAFE Ambulance for Underground Mining

Unlike other emergency transport, the MineSAFE Ambulance has been specifically designed with the harsh conditions of underground mining in mind, with a reinforced exterior making it perfect for fast and effective patient extraction.

  • Purpose-designed vehicle for the underground mining environment
  • Advanced braking and tramming, with hydraulic wheel drive
  • 2-person carrier plus secure stretcher compartment with anchor points
  • Five-point seat belt for rear cabin passengers
  • Medical grade oxygen cylinder with flow meter and therapy masks
  • Internal storage compartments for first aid equipment
Body Style Center seated, engine forward
Suspension Rigid Axles, with parabolic leaf springs and shock absorbers, approximately 7” of travel and 12” ground clearance
Top Speeds on 0-2% Grade (Loaded):
1st Gear:
2nd Gear:
3rd Gear:
13.7 mph / 22 km/hr
17.4 mph / 28 km/hr
25.0 mph / 40 km/hr
25.0 mph / 40 km/hr
13.7 mph / 22 km/hr
Top Speeds up 20% Grade (Loaded)
Forward (Automatic)
9.3 mph / 15 km/hr
9.3 mph / 15 km/hr
Engine Deutz 2012 Tier III
129 HP / 96 KW @ 2200 RPM
c/w CANMET or MSHA certified
Tyres 8.25R22.5 / 18 PLY - Mining Tyres
c/w Wheel chocks
Controls Automotive style, accelerator and service brake pedal
Automatic and standard shift (1, 2, 3 & A Select, Forward and Reverse)
Drive by wire
4WD Traction Control - minimal tire wear/scrub throughout entire turning radius
Fuel System 30 Gal Tank (113 L) / Pre-filter / Water separator with primer
Dash mounted fuel gauge
Electrical System 24 Vdc
120 amp Alternator
CAN based electronic control system
Flame retardant wiring
Lockable battery disconnect
FWD/REV High output LED drive lights
Roof mounted high output LED work lights
Rear red LED marker/brake lights
Back-up alarm
Roof mounted beacon light
Driver's Cabin Safety glass windows, slider windows in doors
Windshield wipers/washer system
2 independent adjustable seats with seat belts
Cab pressurizer with RESPA® filtration system
Fire Extinguisher
Cab heating
No hydraulics in the cab
AC system
Optional - ROPS/FOPS Certified
Options Fire suppression system
Hand pump manifold for release of Emergency
Parking Brakes - for towing

The MineSAFE Ambulance model's primary and secondary braking systems are designed and tested to meet and exceed the CSA braking standard and performance for underground mining machines.

Service braking is accomplished using hydraulic pump and wheel motors, eliminating mechanical wear on parts. Using both accelerator and brake pedals for tram and braking control, the vehicle's Advanced Breaking and Tramming (ABT) system is smooth and seamless, with an automotive feel. With automatic or manual shifting and traction control, there are no underground conditions that are too tough to tame.

The HWD powertrain provides optimised power delivery to each wheel independently, with up to 40% more overall efficiency beyond conventional transmission systems. This ensures the diesel engine is running within its optimal power band; delivering higher levels of performance.

Ambulance Exterior

The base vehicle, designed and manufactured by Breaker Technology Inc., boasts more power, less maintenance and a lower emissions footprint. Advanced braking and hydraulic wheel drive (HWD) ensure that the ambulance will perform in any tough condition.

Ambulance Exterior – Rear

Rescue Vehicle Interior

The rear carrier features custom seating and plenty of storage space for first aid equipment. Medical grade oxygen with therapy masks allow paramedics to administer oxygen during the process of transporting injured personnel to the surface. Air conditioning, a fire supression system and external storage compartment are also standard features.

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