CoalSAFE Change-Over Station

The MineARC CoalSAFE Change-Over-Station (COS) is designed to aid underground personnel as they exit the coal mine during an emergency. The change-over station provides a secure ‘staging-post’ stocked with replacement breathing apparatus.

Inside the COS, breathing apparatus such as self-contained-selfrescuers (SCSR’s) can be changed over in safety while providing coal mining personnel the opportunity to regroup and continue to plan their escape. Each model features custom-designed storage to accommodate site requirements.


The CoalSAFE Change-Over Station is constructed from 5mm steel plate, with internal support wraps and surround package as standard. The intrinsically safe design features both a positive pressure entry and independent breathable air supply (high pressure compressed air cylinders), stored within the robust steel structure. After entering the main chamber area, personnel may require a rest break or some time to wait for others and re-group before donning there SCSR’s and moving onto the next COS. In this instance, miners can activate the positive pressure system inside the main chamber.

The floor of the COS is manufactured from 6mm steel plate with tubular skids. Push points are provided top and bottom at both the front and rear of the unit, providing easy manoeuvrability within an enclosed space. Other internal features include durable, ergonomically designed seating, dedicated storage areas for housing SCSR’s, and a communications port.

  • Intrinsically Safe Design
  • Breathable Air (O2) Supply
  • Flushing Air Curtains/Airlocks
  • Ample SCSR Storage
  • 5mm Steel Plate Construction
  • Viewing Porthole
  • Communication Ports
  • Pneumatic Strobe Lights & Warning Siren
  • CO & CO2 Scrubbing (MARCis)
  • Intrinsically Safe Air Conditioning
  • Compressed Mine Air Filter Pack
  • Emergency Escape Hatch
  • Blast Rating Upgrade
  • Blast Shield Protection
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Manual Gas Monitoring Device

Comparison Table

48hr Duration 96hr Duration 5psi Blast Resistance 15psi Blast Resistance Low Seam Construction High Seam Construction

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