Biora Research Grade Chambers

Biora Research Grade Walk-In Chambers are engineered specifically for science and research applicantions. Chambers are customised during the design and manufacturing process to suit client requirements, industry recommended standards and best practice.

Available in both Walk-In and Reach-In models, Biora can be built to both PC2 and PC3 certifiable standards. Clients benefit from high involvement in every aspect of the design and manufacture process, enabling us to provide the solution to best suit their needs.

All componentry is designed, manufactured, installed, commissioned and serviced by MineARC Systems.

Biora Research Chambers

Walk-In Chambers

Biora Research Grade Walk-In Chambers (WICs) provide the control and repeatability needed to efficiently sustain precise testing conditions, due to the purpose-engineered gas monitoring, lighting and cooling technology. Featuring a robust durable shell with insulated panelling, Biora WICs can incorporate an airlock or anteroom to meet PC2/PC3 certifications.


  • Various configurations available, including dual-room and airlock/anteroom options
  • Robust steel construction with insulated panelling
  • Industry-leading HMI control system with intuitive programming
  • Remote web-based chamber monitoring and control
  • CO2 monitoring and regulation
  • Precise temperature and humidity management
  • Fluorescent and LED lighting options
  • Ducted ventilation for air flow manipulation
  • Security and data protection options
  • Customised built-in and modular solutions for in-facility installation

MineARC can offer PC2 and PC3 certifiable WIC solutions on client request. This can include a pressurised airlock, designed to protect the internal environment upon entry, removing the risk of contamination.

Alternatively, passive anterooms are also available, allowing a multi-room configuration with individual environmental control.

Biora Research Grade Chamber with Airlock Internal View

Reach-In Chambers

Biora Plant Growth Reach-In Chambers are available in a range of sizes, from 600 - 3400L; providing complete control over environmental conditions to suit any scientific requirement.

When compared to other Reach-In Chambers (RICs) on the market, Biora leads the charge; with a ground-breaking control system that allows for intuitive programming and remote, web-based monitoring and management. Biora RICs also offer a large range of LED and HPS lighting options, unique to the research industry; including a selection of low intensity solutions for tissue culture sampling.


  • Various sizes available, from 600-3400L
  • Coated steel construction with insulated doors
  • Industry-leading HMI control system with intuitive programming
  • Remote web-based chamber monitoring and control
  • Adaptable, multi-tier shelving
  • Large range of individually adjustable LED lighting
  • Vertical and horizontal air circulation options
  • Security options available on request

Biora Research Grade Reach-In Chambers are available in a range of sizes, from 600 - 3400L; meaning there is a unit for every requirement and any space.

Reach In Chamber for Plant Growth and Research 600L

600L RIC

  • 2/3 tier shelving
  • Single door
  • 770W x 600D x 1300H
Reach In Chamber for Plant Growth and Research 830L

830L RIC

  • 2/3 tier shelving
  • Single door
  • 950W x 670D x 1320H
Reach In Chamber for Plant Growth and Research 1200L

1200L RIC

  • 3/4 tier shelving
  • Double doors
  • 1600W x 650D x 1200H
Reach In Chamber for Plant Growth and Research 3400L

3400L RIC

  • 3/4 tier shelving
  • Double doors
  • 2700W x 985D x 2650H

Research Grade Controlled Environment Technology

Take charge of temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and CO2 levels, with MineARC's advanced and unique technology, that comes standard in both Walk-In and Reach-In Biora Research Grade Chambers.


Biora's industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and remote, web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months worth of historical data.

The 7" high resolution, user-friendly touch screen can also be customised with various levels of security to ensure your project is kept safe and secure at all times.

  • Web-based software with both local and remote access
  • Real-time monitoring of all control processes
  • 12 months of historical data accessible
  • Limitless customisable programs
  • Data export and import options
  • Push notifications based on custom alert settings
  • Data protection and security options
  • Customised HMI options and local engineering support
HMI Control System for Controlled Environment

Improvements in light technology are providing more efficient, accessible options for many researchers. Variations on light intensity, direction and distribution are just some of the conditions that can be manipulated within a Biora Walk-In or Reach-In Plant Growth Chamber.

Lights emit different colour spectrums, and determining the correct spectral mix is one of the main challenges to researchers. The impact of light technology on these artificial environments is significant; with studies showing that super bright red, blue and far-red light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have many advantages over conventional light sources.

MineARC offers a range of LED, HPS and Fluorescent lights, of varying intensities; providing complete control for any research requirement.

  • Custom lighting design based on requirements, including LED and HPS
  • Control over canopy, intensity and spectrum for day time and seasonal replication
  • Single and multi-tier opportunities
  • Optional high-quality built-in light measurement equipment for optimisation of growth yield
Model CCT PPFD LUX λp Intensity (μmols-1m-2@15cm) Voltage (V) UV (up to 400) Blue (400-500) Green (500-600) Red (600-700)
LED T8 6021 K 47.18 3327 452 nm 150 110/220 0 27 46 25
LED TRGB 4367 K 341.13 11207 659 nm 150 110/220 0 16 18 65
LED Z1 8561 K 176.75 9767 453 nm 175 110/220 0 34 39 25
LED Z190 4280 K 487.75 37936 575 nm 450 110/220 0 16 50 31
LED Z3 4257 K 890.64 63010 449 nm 1100 110/220 0 27 47 24
LED Z4 0 K 757.58 25368 453 nm 930 110/220 0 29 15 33
LED ZRGB 0 K 48.55 1550 449 nm 1100 110/220 0 41 18 38
LED Z8 0 K 1234.22 27554 427 nm 1000 110/220 1 48 11 35
T8 FL 6753 K 129.89 8999 545 nm 150 110/220
HPS 2148 K 546.35 46734 596 nm 1000 110/220

Biora Research Grade Walk-In and Reach-In Chambers provide a range of advanced, highly efficient cooling, heating and ventilation control options.

Clever design ensures upward, uniform airflow and temperature across the chamber, reducing the risk of condensation formation on samples and equipment.

Internal temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, as well as inbuilt redundancy measures ensure conditions are maintained at all times.

Biora HVAC System, Air Flow Control

The monitoring and control of oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is a standard feature of all Biora Research Grade Walk-In and Reach- In Chambers. Additional gases such as nitrogen (N2) can be added as an option.

For CO2 removal and replacement, MineARC scrubbing technology can be utilised to reduce levels within the system to below 250ppm (0.025%) and a plenum CO2 additive system can be included with an adjustable flow rate.

Biora Gas Monitoring Unit O2 and CO2 Detection

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