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Reach-In Grow Chambers by Biora are available in a range of sizes, from 240 - 1400L; providing complete control over environmental conditions to suit any plant growth requirement.

When compared to other Reach-In Chambers (RICs) on the market, Biora leads the charge; with a ground-breaking control system that allows for intuitive programming and remote, web-based monitoring and management.

Biora RICs also offer a large range of LED lighting options, unique to the research industry; including a selection of low intensity solutions for tissue culture sampling.

Biora Plant Growth Reach-In Chamber

Reach-In Grow Chambers

  • Various sizes available, from 240-1400L
  • Coated steel construction with insulated doors
  • HMI control system with intuitive programming
  • Adaptable, multi-tier shelving
  • Large range of individually adjustable LED lighting
  • Horizontal air circulation options
  • Temperature control
  • Security options available on request
  • Leasing and hire to buy options
  • CO2 monitoring and enrichment (optional)
  • Remote web-based chamber monitoring and control (optional)

Biora Plant Growth Reach-In Chambers are available in a range of sizes, from 240 - 1400L; meaning there is a unit for every requirement and any space.

Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 240L

240L RIC

  • Benchtop size
  • Interior: 700W x 550D x 620H
  • Exterior: 840W x 960D x 1280H
  • Growth area: 0.39m2 to 0.74m2
  • Growth height: 290mm to 600mm
Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 600L

600L RIC

  • 2/3 tier
  • Interior: 770W x 600D x 1300H
  • Exterior: 870W x 970D x 1980H
  • Growth Area: 1.41m2 to 1.88m2
  • Growth Height: up to 300mm
Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 700L

700L RIC

  • Two separate compartments
  • Interior: 1350W x 740D x 700H
  • Exterior: 2100W x 1110D x 2030H
  • Growth Area: 1.0m2
  • Growth Height: up to 700mm
Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 800L

800L RIC

  • 2/3 tier
  • Interior: 950W x 690D x 1220H
  • Exterior: 1070W x 990D x 1950H
  • Growth area: 0.6m2 to 1.9m2
  • Growth height: 380mm to 1200mm
Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 1200L

1200L RIC

  • 3/4 tier
  • Interior: 1600W x 650D x 1200H
  • Exterior: 1700W x 910D x 2070H
  • Growth Area: 1.0m2 to 4.1m2
  • Growth Height: 270mm to 1200mm
Reach-In Chamber for Plant Growth 1400L

1400L RIC

  • 4 tier
  • Interior: 1410W x 690D x 1450H
  • Exterior: 2050W x 925D x 2075H
  • Growth Area: 0.9m2 to 3.8m2
  • Growth Height: 340mm to 1400mm

Plant Growth Technology

Take charge of temperature, humidity, light intensity, air flow and CO2 levels, with MineARC's advanced and unique technology, that comes standard in Reach-In Biora Plant Growth Chambers.


The industry-leading control system allows for intuitive programming and optional remote, web-based management. Enjoy real-time monitoring of all control processes, with the ability to access 12 months worth of historical data.

The high resolution, user-friendly touch screen can also be customised with various levels of security to ensure your research is kept safe and secure at all times.

  • Web-based software with both local and remote access
  • Real-time monitoring of all control processes
  • Access to historical data
  • Over 50 customisable programs
  • Data export and import options
  • Push notifications based on custom alert settings
  • Data protection and security options
  • Customised HMI options and local engineering support

In addition to its remote capabilities, the control system can also be accessed by a user-friendly touch-screen HMI Panel, located on the face of each Biora Reach-In Chamber. Chamber status, historical data, alarms and programming can all be accessed and controlled via the HMI.

Plant Research within a Reach In Grow Chamber

Supplementing light will affect plant growth and the development of metabolic processes. Optimal light conditions will vary across plant variety, crop and region.

Adjusting light wavelength will impact disease resistance, taste and nutrition. Variations on light intensity, direction and distribution are just some of the conditions that can be manipulated within a Biora Reach-In Plant Growth Chamber.

Lights emit different colour spectrums, and although not all are visible to the human eye, they are inherent to plant growth. Photomorphogenesis is the growth pattern in plants in response to varied colour spectrums of light. As a plant develops, different spectrums become more critical; blue light may be necessary for propagation while red light is introduced later to promote flowering.

Too much or too little of a particular wavelength can hinder growth, produce blisters and block chlorophyll production which will eventually halt photosynthesis.

  • Custom LED lighting design based on requirements
  • Control over canopy, intensity and spectrum for day time and seasonal replication
  • Single and multi-tier opportunities
  • Optional high-quality built-in light measurement equipment for optimisation of growth yield
Biora Reach In Chamber LED Lighting
Biora Reach In Chamber LED Lighting

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