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Tunnelling Safety Initiatives: ITA Awarded Products

Tunnelling Safety Initiatives ITA Awarded Products
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Safety is paramount in any tunnelling project. Trusted tunnelling safety initiatives safeguard against accidents and emergencies.
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Safety is paramount in any tunnelling project. Safeguarding against accidents and emergencies requires you to supply your project with trusted tunnelling safety initiatives. The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) is a trusted industry body ensuring the safety and productivity of tunnelling and construction projects worldwide.

As members of the ITA, we have engineered a series of refuge chambers and safety solutions recognised by the annual organisation awards including the 2018 Safety Initiative of the Year nominee, the Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System. Part of our System Intelligence range, providing site-wide remote diagnostics, real-time gas monitoring and tracking; every tunnelling project can benefit from a fully integrated emergency response solution.

Our extensive range of TunnelSAFE Refuge Chambers offers a solution for every application and requirement; from Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) gantry-mounted designs, to mobile rail models, to transportable drill and blast units. Each chamber is built to fully comply with the ITA ‘Guidelines for the Provision of Refuge Chambers in Tunnels Under Construction‘.

ITA Award Recognised Tunnelling Safety Initiatives


Aura-FX Gas Monitoring SystemsSuperior digital gas monitoring explicitly designed for use in refuge chambers; featuring the ability to monitor up to 11 gases, audible voice alarms, and real-time data analysis.

TunnelSAFE Multi Service Vehicle Refuge ChamberEngineered to be mounted to a multi-service vehicle, as a long-term safety option, the TunnelSAFE MSV is a portable safe haven for personnel during routine inspections and maintenance works.

MineARC Compressed Air Management

Compressed Air Management System (CAMS)Delivering clean, breathable air through a superior four-phase filtration process aimed at reducing running costs and improving operational safety. Warranting against over pressurisation of the chamber, and providing gas toxicity monitoring, flood protection, and reduced service time.

“MineARC has made a significant impact to safety standards at the Lyon-Turin Tunnelling Project. Since February 2015, MineARC has commissioned four chambers onsite, including a custom TunnelSAFE MSV Refuge Chamber designed to fit 30 standing.”

Lyon-Turin Tunnelling Project

Real Life Safety Solutions: Multi-Service Vehicle Chamber Designed for Tunnelling ERP

Interior view of TunnelSAFE Multi-Service Vehicle

Manufactured for the Lyon-Turin tunnelling project in the French Alps, the custom TunnelSAFE MSV Design features a unique internal layout based on the client’s request for high volume safe refuge transportation in an emergency. Unlike most refuge chambers that provide seating for all occupants, the Lyon-Turin chamber features standing room for 24 personnel with ceiling-mounted grab-rails, and six auto-retracting seats designed to accommodate fire brigade personnel wearing full BA equipment.

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