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The Value of Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and maintenance are a critical part of any organisation.

The cost of servicing assets is a significant portion of a site’s operational budget. However, without regular servicing and maintenance checks, the value of machinery rapidly declines.

5 Advantages of Attending Service School
Advantages of Attending Refuge Chamber Service School

Efficient servicing and maintenance require organisations to be progressive thinkers and planners; envisioning future requirements, analysing necessary changes, and understanding the process to accomplish each task. This central function demands effective administration, which if properly managed can add competitive advantage. Without appropriate planning and management, organisations can get stuck in a reactive process which can result in significant unexpected costs. (Krellis, 1998)

Regular servicing provides additional value by:

  • Reducing reactive maintenance costs, through preventative measures
  • Utilising the chamber to optimal capacity and availability
  • Lessening the effects of downtime
  • Reducing restart costs if a breakdown occurs
  • Improving stakeholder perceptions
  • Maintaining the quality of componentry
  • Lowering environmental impact
  • Ensuring the continued safety of the workforce


Preventative servicing and maintenance costs are more controlled than reactive maintenance. There are initial costs involved in servicing such as labour and replacement parts; however, the long-term benefits of keeping equipment operational far out ways these. If assets such as refuge chambers fail, it can put people at risk, slow production or ultimately close a site.

One solution is a service agreement; a predetermined schedule of service checks which ensures chambers are reviewed regularly and meet required safety standards. Machinery in the resource and industrial industry are exposed to harsh environmental conditions that affect their components. Frequent performance of servicing and maintenance checks on a refuge chamber will help ensure your equipment is ready in the event of an emergency.

MineARC Refuge Chambers are sturdy machines equipped with advanced life-saving technology. Routine servicing involves keeping chambers in optimal working condition and emergency readiness. For example, replacing all door seals during each service; this is important to make sure no outside air is entering the chamber and contaminating the system. Wear and tear occurs on the door seal with opening and closing so replacing this on a regular basis is of paramount importance.

Servicing and maintenance are essential; generating value through cost control, asset utilisation and resource allocation. More importantly, servicing ensures refuge chambers are in optimal status to provide life-saving support to all staff in the event of an emergency.