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The Impact of Emergency Response Competitions

The Impact of Emergency Response Competitions
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Mine Rescue competitions both within Australia and Internationally provide a great forum for sharing skills and industry-leading operating procedures, not to mention valuable networking opportunities for all those involved.
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MineARC Systems has been actively involved in Emergency Response and Rescue Competitions both within Australia and Internationally for several years. These events provide a forum for sharing skills and industry-leading operating procedures, not to mention valuable networking opportunities for all those involved.

MineARC prides itself on being at the leading edge of mine-safety innovation and uses its involvement in these events to tap into the active industry to see what is happening on the ground, what our clients need and how we can help them to achieve a safer working environment for their employees.

Mines Rescue Competitions Provide Valuable Training
Mines Rescue Competitions Provide Valuable Training On Site

By supporting these events we hope to bring a wider awareness to a very important aspect of the mining and resource industry. One that the greater population has a vested interest in, the safety of the people in their communities who spend their working life in the harsh environments of underground mining.

MineARC continues to support the ongoing training and development rescue teams are exposed to in these competitions.


2014 – International Mines Rescue Competitions

In 2014 MineARC sponsored three Mine Rescue competitions around the world; the International Mine Rescue Competition which was recently held in Poland, the Western Australian Underground Mine Rescue Competition and the Tasmanian Minerals Emergency Response Competition.

Bytom, Poland hosted the 2014 biennial International Mines Rescue Competition. This event is held every two years in a different country (2012 was Ukraine and 2016 will be Germany) and attracts teams from mine Emergency response teams from around the world.

This year’s event was hosted on the grounds of the Central Mines Rescue Station in Byton, which serves the coal mining district of Lower Silesia in Southern Poland.

The event was host to 22 international teams, including two Australian teams; Rio Tinto’s Kestrel Mine and Glencore’s Oaky Creek, and five teams from Poland. The event started on Tuesday with teams given access to the equipment and procedures on which they would be tested, with the competition starting in full swing at 7:00 am Wednesday morning. The safety trials carried on until Friday afternoon, after which there was a competition close and winner’s ceremony.

Congratulations to Poland’s Central Mines Rescue team who took out first place overall, followed by Slovakia in second place and Australia’s Rio Tino team from Kestrel’s Operations in Queensland who took home third place.


2016 – Emergency Response Training at the Reno Mine Rescue Competition

During July, MineARC was proud to sponsor the 2016 Metal and Nonmetal National Mine Rescue Contest, held in Reno, Nevada. Playing host to 37 mine rescue teams from 18 states, the competition challenged the skills and tested the knowledge of participants in a mock-underground environment created at the Reno-Sparks Convention Centre. Together and individually, the teams had to be ready to overcome a range of obstacles in order to rescue trapped, injured or missing miners.

“It’s a great learning experience,” Robert Crommelin, Mine Rescue Coordinator at Klondex Mines said. “It is fun. It’s exciting. Our teams train for the day they hope never comes, to rescue another miner.”

MineARC Systems were onsite to support the teams during the competition. Business Development Manager Scott Sweat was even caught on camera with MineARC’s display MineSAFE Narrow Design Refuge Chamber.

More Emergency Response Competitions

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