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The Future of Safety in Mining and the Resource Industry

The future of safety needs to embrace technology in order to keep up with the continual changes to production and manufacturing processes in the modern age.

As the mining, construction and resource industry progresses, organisations are transitioning towards digitalisation as an integral part of not only their day-to-day operations but as a way to ensure the health and safety of site personnel.

When implementing a strategy to optimise operations within a mine, an organisation needs to consider five essential aspects:

  • personnel safety,
  • daily operational activities,
  • cost efficiency,
  • ease of application,
  • and integration into the current set-up.

MineARC Systems, a global leader in refuge chambers, have been investing in the development of new technologies to create smarter safety solutions. Collectively known as MineARC’s System Intelligence, the latest developments will integrate with existing operating systems; with the ultimate goal of providing customers with a suite of comprehensive and integrated industry solutions that embrace these five main principles.

GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics – Leading the Way in Refuge Chamber Technology

Due to the nature of mining, proactive safety management and emergency response planning are critical to ensuring the health and well-being of workers above and below ground.

Safety systems need to go beyond basic protection, to provide a complete management solution; monitoring operations, evaluating faults and giving immediate alerts. Having an integrated safety network that provides real-time communications and reporting can increase the effectiveness of safety and emergency response teams in the event of an emergency –ultimately saving lives.


Released to market in 2016, MineARC’s GuardIAN forms the hub of the System Intelligence Network. GuardIAN enables real-time monitoring of all vital refuge operating systems via an online interface that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone. GuardIAN integrates with many existing MineARC Refuge Chamber technologies including Aura-FX Gas Monitoring, the Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) and the Satellite UPS Battery Bank System to simplify maintenance requirements and provide the confidence that a site’s fleet of refuge chambers is emergency ready at all times.

Mine sites around the world are already benefiting from the daily safety and maintenance advantages that GuardIAN provides.


The Future of Safety: GuardIAN – Tracking and Navigation for Wearable PPE

MineARC System Intelligence will not be limited to refuge chambers. With personal safety at the forefront, MineARC is currently in the early stages of expanding the GuardIAN Network to include tracking and navigational technology; meaning digital integration can be utilised across a range of Personal Protective Equipment.

First to be released is MineARC’s new, premium SiriUS Cap Lamp. Providing top of the line efficiencies and visibility for an underground environment with features such as automatic light adjustment, a superior colour rendering index and power conservation, one of the most exciting benefits of SiriUS lies in the capacity for integrated GuardIAN tracking software. With the addition of this software, personnel can be located remotely from the control room via GuardIAN, providing vital information for search and rescue teams in the event of an emergency.

SiriUS Breaking Ground in Cap Lamp Technology

Additional products that are in the early stages of research and development include tracking nodes with integrated gas monitoring technology, enabling the real-time transfer of data through the mine site; a smart-helmet with heads-up navigational display, dust particulate filtration and temperature control; and hand-held, portable gas monitoring devices, allowing personnel to monitor their surroundings at any given time.

The adoption of these new technologies will overcome common problems many organisations deal with on a daily basis when it comes to safety planning. Streamlining operational procedures through connected assets and data transfer will improve safety and regulatory compliance, and provide peace of mind that personnel are accounted for at any given time.

MineARC’s System Intelligence enables organisations to efficiently utilise information and technology to enhance the safety and emergency planning of their sites.

  • Reduces costs
  • Increases productivity & efficiency
  • Improves operational safety
  • Integrates with other products on site


For further information about MineARC’s System Intelligence and to keep up to date as we launch our new products, visit our New Technologies page or contact us directly.