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Advanced Refuge Chamber Technology: GuardIAN Intelligence

Table of Contents
A suite of advanced refuge chamber technology, collectively known as MineARC's GuardIAN Intelligence Network.
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In response to client requirements for cost reductions, greater efficiency during servicing and improved operational safety, MineARC have developed a suite of advanced refuge chamber technology, collectively known as MineARC’s GuardIAN Intelligence.

Designed to provide real-time monitoring, communication and system diagnostics, the Intelligence product suite provides significant cost-saving advantages to sites, whilst taking standards in industrial safety to the next level.

MineARC GuardIAN Intelligence ensures peace of mind by identifying faults or issues as they happen via an integrated network of proprietary MineARC technologies including the GuardIAN Remote Monitoring System (GuardIAN RCM), Aura-FX Digital Fixed Gas Monitoring (Aura-FX), MineARC Charger & Controller Systems and the Compressed Air Management System (CAMS).

System Intelligence: Advanced Safe Refuge Technology
A suite of technologically advanced products, collectively known as the MineARC GuardIAN Intelligence package.
Intelligently Reduces Operational Costs
  • Reduced servicing time
  • Real-time troubleshooting, reducing maintenance staff down-time
  • Advanced maintenance planning
  • Extended calibration periods for gas monitoring
  • Reduced gas sensor replacement costs
  • Extended sensor life
  • Faster and easier sensor replacement
  • Lower energy costs through the optimisation of mine air usage
  • Flood protection, eliminating costly chamber refurbishment
  • Reduction in replacement parts due to theft
  • Reduced service kit costs
  • Streamlined purchasing process
Intuitively Improves Operational Safety
  • Operational communication during emergency use
  • Direct video and gas monitoring for evacuation planning
  • Greater system automation for reduced risk of human error
  • Centralised diagnostics and analysis of entire MineARC Refuge Chamber
  • Programmable push email alerts for important refuge chamber events
  • Voice prompting gas monitoring for chemical change-out and O2 regulation
  • Air toxicity shut off prevents smoke and carbon monoxide ingress
  • Increased monitoring ensures all critical components remain in the chamber
  • Reduced ‘out-of-service’ time for all refuge chambers

GuardIAN Intelligence efficiently manages your refuge chamber fleet via an intuitive system that will monitor your vital operating systems, evaluate existing faults and immediately alert you of the status. 

For the latest in safety and safe refuge technology check out our GuardIAN Intelligence page

GuardIAN Remote Monitoring System

MineARC’s GuardIAN Remote Monitoring System is an exciting new development in refuge chamber technology. GuardIAN RCM enables real-time monitoring; providing confidence that an operation’s fleet of refuge chambers are emergency ready at all times.GuardIAN RCM is an independent system that continuously monitors all vital refuge operating systems. During standby mode, GuardIAN RCM checks for component faults and monitors refuge chamber usage or entry to the chamber.

GuardIAN RCM’s secure online interface is hosted on an internal server within the refuge chamber so that no client software installation is required. The responsive webpage is easily accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone and features a summary of your entire refuge chamber fleet and overall operational status, with the ability to drill down to a detailed report of each chamber.

Other Major Features Include:

  • Internal motion-activated IP camera to assist in evacuation planning
  • Real-time recorded video streaming
  • VOIP video phone for face-to-face communication between the refuge chamber and surface
  • Links to the MineARC Digital Controller, streaming system data, event logging and fault diagnostics to the surface control room(s)
  • Email alerts and notifications sent to designated personnel

Looking to connect GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring? Check out our easy installation infographic

Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring

MineARC’s new Aura-FX Digital Gas Monitoring System is a proprietary fixed gas monitoring unit, designed specifically for use in MineARC refuge chambers and safe havens. A vast improvement on current digital gas monitors (DGMs) on the market, Aura-FX provides a refuge chamber specific solution to gas monitoring. Aura-FX has the ability to individually monitor up to 11 gases via a series of user-friendly, digital screens. Audible voice alarms will prompt occupants to replace scrubbing chemicals or adjust oxygen supply levels in the refuge chamber as required.

When utilised as part of the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, Aura-FX provides real-time gas monitoring data and analysis via the GuardIAN dashboard.

Other Major Features Include:

  • Reduced calibration costs (12 months)
  • Dedicated, reliable sensors, designed specifically for refuge chamber use
  • Real-time gas monitoring with live analysis
  • Intuitive scrolling digital display shows gas level trends
  • Audible alarms and voice prompting
  • Reduced risk of human error

Compressed Air Management System

Released to the market in 2015, the MineARC Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) is a dedicated air management unit designed specifically for use in refuge chambers. The unique air management system monitors and regulates compressed air flow into the chamber.

When utilised as part of the GuardIAN Intelligence Network, vital information relating to the integrity of the internal refuge chamber atmosphere is communicated in real-time via the GuardIAN dashboard. An increase in CAMS activity would indicate a breach of the refuge chamber seal, thus sending an alert to designated personnel that the chamber is compromised.

Other Major Features Include:

  • Faster service time
  • Flood Protection Valve for automatic mine air shut off in the event of water ingress
  • Air toxicity monitoring and emergency shut off valve
  • Optimisation of mine air usage, resulting in considerably reduced operational costs
  • Security against over-pressurisation

For further information about MineARC’s product development and engineering services, visit our Engineering Resources page or contact us directly.

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