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South African Refuge Chamber Manufacturer

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South Africa is home to MineARC’s newest manufacturing facility, located in the heart of the North Riding industrial hub, 45 minutes outside of Johannesburg’s main centre.
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MineARC’s newest home and South African Refuge Chamber Manufacturer, is located in the heart of the North Riding industrial hub, 45 minutes outside of Johannesburg’s main centre. The workshop now proudly stands as MineARC’s third largest global operation behind Australia and the United States, servicing many major mine sites across the continent.

South African Refuge Chamber Manufacturer
South African Refuge Chamber Manufacturer MineARC Systems Warehouse

Since opening its doors, the South African facility has been working incredibly hard to successfully complete and deliver each and every chamber order ahead of schedule. While busy with multiple builds on the go at any one time, the workshop is also heavily involved in new product development; pioneers to one of MineARC’s most recent innovations in refuge chamber technology, the ‘ELVPP Permanent Portable’.

Designed to be fitted to an existing underground refuge bay, the ELVPP is essentially a portable airlock system. Providing a sealing doorway to a pre-existing permanent refuge bay, the compact system houses a CO / CO2 scrubber, UPS and air conditioning system.

The ELVPP is battery powered, engineered to accommodate 20 personnel for 24 hours (based on the client’s maximum room size). Fully mobile on tracks, as progress through the mine continues, the permanent portable is easily manoeuvred to the closest refuge bay. The ELVPP can also be engineered and custom manufactured to each individual customer unique requirements.

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