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Product Development: Rock Bolt Cutter Projectile Safety Cap (PSC)

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MineARC Systems with Barminco modify the pre-existing MineARC Rock Bolt Cutter.
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Mining Rock Bolt Cutter

Recently, MineARC Systems was approached by Barminco regarding the development of a modification to the pre-existing MineARC Rock Bolt Cutter for mining. MineARC Engineers developed a simple yet highly effective solution to address the common safety concerns associated with cutting cable bolts – the Rock Bolt Cutter Projectile Safety Cap (PSC).

MineARC is heavily invested in product development; maintaining our position at the leading edge of safe refuge and mine equipment technology. Creating client-specific solutions is our key strength, with some of our best developments being driven by customer requests.

Barminco has successfully utilised the Rock Bolt Cutter for several years; a unit originally engineered to cut rock bolt and threaded rod. Recently, they have experienced a growing requirement for a model that was also capable of cutting cable bolt in a safe manner.

On Barminco’s suggestion, the clever adaptor, the PSC connects to the end of the standard Rock Bolt waste tube, allowing cable bolts to be cut cleanly and safely within 30 seconds. The simple twist-to-open cap mechanism prevents waste segments from ejecting during operation and allows for quick and easy disposal of cable bolt cuttings.

The safety cap’s extended waste tube will easily accommodate the average length of cable bolt, eliminating the need to double-cut. Extensive trials of the Rock Bolt Cutter Projectile Safety Cap began at Barminco in February of this year, with positive results.

“It has been a pleasure and privilege to work alongside MineARC whereby both parties, Barminco and MineARC were ultimately aiming for a common goal to make the plating, tensioning and cutting of cable bolts safer and more efficient,” said Mark Reed, Barminco Project Manager. “From my initial approach and proposal to MineARC to improve the safety of cutting cable bolts which did not require hot work permits, MineARC’s professionalism was resounding from start to finish. We innovatively manufactured a safe, efficient and reliable Rock Bolt Cutter, and special consideration goes to Stefan Partridge and Ed Reynolds. Being part of a team that has delivered a high-quality product which will benefit the whole industry has been very rewarding for both Barminco and MineARC.”

The Rock Bolt Cutter Projectile Safety Cap is planned to be rolled out across Barminco sites and is available as a standard MineARC product for purchase.

Does your site require a solution that currently doesn’t exist on the market? MineARC has a large team of in-house, qualified engineers, based at our Australian, South African and North American offices. Contact us to speak to your local Business Development Manager about how we can develop a product solution to suit your needs.

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