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Remote Operating Control Room Solution

MineARC’s capacity to meet client specifications through customisation has aided in the development of a remote operating centre for Anglo American’s Grosvenor Metallurgical Coal Mine in Queensland, Australia. The mine site which employs the longwall mining method to mine coal is located 190 kilometres south-west of Mackay.

Remote Operating Control (ROC) Room

The MineARC unit was fittingly named Remote Operating Control Room or ROC Room. Situated underground in the “green zone” safe area, the room will be used as a collaborative environment for managing and monitoring the day to day operation of equipment and production activities, and will be the hub for the collection of data and information necessary to sustain operations and help staff make the right critical operational decisions.

Despite not being a safe refuge chamber, the ROC Room was nonetheless manufactured to MineARC’s high-quality standards. Made from 5mm steel, ROC Room was fortified with 50mm insulation and cooled positive pressure ventilation including both fixed and adjustable ventilation ports. The rear of the unit housed a ventilated electrical cabinet and compressed air source to filter the incoming air from contaminants.

In line with MineARC’s overarching mission to continue to provide our customers with industry solutions that improve safety and increase the productivity of day to day operations as well as cost savings, ROC Room offers sites a platform for end to end integration of operations processes and management.

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