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Gantry Design Refuge Chamber Enters Europe

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The German manufacturer, Herrenknecht, was selected to supply the 11.34m diameter TBM that will excavate a total 6.3km of the Bossler Tunnel.
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A TunnelSAFE Gantry Design Refuge Chamber on location.

MineARC Business Development Manager Thomas Horton recently visited the construction site of the new Bossler Tunnel, located in Germany. Planned to be 8.8km long, Bossler is just one of a number of tunnels that will pierce through the hills of South-West Germany, connecting Wendlingen to Ulm via a 60km high-speed rail line.

The German manufacturer, Herrenknecht, was selected to supply the 11.34m diameter TBM that will excavate a total 6.3km of the Bossler Tunnel. As a longstanding client of MineARC, our close and trusted relationship with Herrenknecht resulted in their decision to utilise a MineARC TBM Chamber during the project.

Thomas Horton was pleased to finalise the commissioning of the MineARC refuge chamber during his trip to Germany, where he took some great shots of the Herrenknecht team during their final preparations of the mammoth TBM.

MineARC will be back in Central Europe next month to commission another chamber delivery for Herrenknecht, to be utilised during the Brenner Tunnel project in Austria. The 55km tunnel will connect Innsbruck, Austria to Bolzano in Italy, passing under the Tyrol ski fields.

MineARC is currently involved in several other tunnel developments across Europe, including a large-scale construction project in the French Alps.


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