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50 Person Permanent Refuge Chamber Installed at Mexican Mine

Table of Contents
A permanent refuge chamber accommodating 50 people at any one time and meet Mexican Standard STPS023
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In early 2015, MineARC started working with Industria Peñoles in search of an innovative underground refuge solution to improve the current emergency response procedure at a mine in Zacatecas. The objective was to install a permanent refuge chamber large enough to accommodate 50 personnel at any one time and that met Mexican Standard STPS023 (a culmination of Australian, Canadian, Chilean and American safety standards).

MineARC’s engineers and business development managers worked closely with the Industria Peñoles Safety division to develop a permanent refuge chamber design that suited all of their requirements.

The chamber is fully equipped with the following:

  • Multiple private bathroom areas
  • Dedicated infirmary area
  • Dedicated recreation area
  • Ergonomic seating for all 50 personnel
  • Series IV scrubbing system and drone units
  • Communication ports and video monitoring
  • Screens


A permanent refuge chamber for 50 people, complete with oxygen tanks and scrubbing system.
50-person MineSAFE Permanent Refuge Chamber installed in Mexican mine

One of the most interesting features of the Industrias Peñoles permanent refuge chamber is MineARC’s unique i.V.A.N (Intelligent Voice Audio Navigation) System; a digital navigation assistant that guides occupants through operational procedures during an emergency or drill. The program has been translated into Spanish to suit local personnel.

The 500m3 shelter is located on the N-540 level of the mine, offering up to 96 hours of stand-alone safe refuge in an emergency.

The Industrias Peñoles chamber will soon feature in MineARC’s latest operator training video for Permanent Refuge Shelters. Visit MineARC’s youtube channel to view our full suite of training and promotional videos.


For further information regarding MineARC’s permanent refuge shelter options, please contact us.


Industrias Peñoles S.A.B de CV is Mexican mining group with operations in smelting and refining non-ferrous metals. They are the world’s top producer of refined silver, and the leading Latin American producer of refined gold and lead, with more than 80% of production going to international export. For more information visit their website at www.penoles.com.mx

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