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Newmont’s Preferred Refuge Chamber Vendor

Newmont’s Preferred Refuge Chamber Vendor
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MineARC becomes Newmont’s preferred vendor for refuge chambers around the world.
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Earlier in the year, Newmont released a tender in search for the best candidate able to provide them with refuge chambers for their operations globally. MineARC is happy to announce that we have been successful in becoming Newmont’s preferred vendor for refuge chambers around the world.

Because of MineARC’s strong capabilities a world leader in the supply and service of underground mine refuge systems, we are able to meet each and every standard on Newmont’s scope of requirements for their global refuge chambers.

Standing Out – MineARC Standards

  • Airlock
    – Separate flushing area prior to entry to the main chamber
    – Primary flushing via connection to mine air supply, regulated with simple ball valve operation
    – Emergency push button flushing via breathable air cylinders
  • CO & CO2 scrubbing
    – Provide superior scrubbing capacity, are easy to load, safe to handle, and can store for long periods
  • Three forms of breathable air inside
    – Compressed mine air
    – Breathable oxygen cylinders
    – Oxygen candle + igniter


Newmont is one of the world’s leading gold and copper producers, and an industry leader in safety and sustainability. Newmont’s portfolio includes operations in the United States, Australia, Ghana, Peru, Indonesia and Suriname.

MineARC, with offices and manufacturing facilities in Australia, South Africa and the United States of America, as well as offices in China, the United Kingdom and Chile is well equipped to support the global partnership with Newmont and equip them as the world’s leading manufacturer of emergency life-saving refuge chambers.

For further information about MineARC Systems, visit our company page or contact us directly.

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