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New Refuge Chamber Technology for Oz Minerals

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With the vision to create a mine site that is technologically advanced and a leader in safety practices, OZ Minerals recognised the long-term value of GuardIAN.
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OZ Minerals Carrapateena mine has become one of the first Australian sites to take advantage of the MineARC’s new refuge chamber technologyGuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring.

The application of technology underground is at a rapid rate. As mine sites continue to evolve, so does the equipment and procedures used in these environments.

Located in South Australia’s highly prospective Gawler Craton, Carrapateena is approximately 160 km north of Port Augusta. Carrapateena is proposed to be a 4 million tonnes per annum sub-level cave. Work on the Tjati access decline is underway.


  • Ensure the safety of all personnel underground
  • Create a site-wide, modern emergency response plan
  • Remote access refuge chambers across the site
New Refuge Chamber Technology - GuardIAN
New Refuge Chamber Technology incorporated through GuardIAN Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics System

Still, in the feasibility stage, Carrapateena has recently purchased its first refuge chamber; a MineSAFE 12-person Standard Design with an Aura-FX Digital Fixed Gas Monitoring System.

Excited by the numerous benefits that MineARC’s new GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring could provide, they elected to upgrade to include advanced refuge chamber technology.

Applying Technology to Safety

With the vision to create a mine site that is technologically advanced and a leader in safety practices, OZ Minerals recognised the long-term value of GuardIAN.

As Carrapateena continues to expand their refuge chamber inventory, the system will be able to provide centralised operational monitoring of their entire fleet via a secure, locally hosted webpage that is easily accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone. During standby mode, GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring will check for faults and abnormalities; thereby reducing maintenance requirements.

An advantage for OZ Minerals was the ability to monitor occupants of a refuge chamber during an emergency closely. GuardIAN’s live video streaming can assist in evacuation planning; providing the capability to monitor the capacity of a refuge chamber and well-being of its occupants. When activated, the cameras will send a live, recorded stream of both the interior and exterior of the refuge chamber.

Motion detectors on the IP cameras will prompt GuardIAN to send an email to designated staff with a still image alerting them to chamber usage.

GuardIAN also equips the refuge chamber with a VOIP video phone. This phone facilitates face-to-face communication between the refuge chamber and the surface. Improving the psychological well-being of chamber occupants during an emergency and assisting in performing any technical procedures.

GuardIAN Refuge Chamber Monitoring was installed by at Carrapateena in early June 2017, with the ability to integrate with additional refuge chambers as the site continues to grow. MineARC looks forward to further assisting OZ Minerals in building a safe and technologically advanced mine site.

For more information on MineARC’s GuardIAN Intelligence, please contact us.

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