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Mines Rescue Competition Highlights Safety in Africa

Mines Rescue Competition Highlights Safety in Africa
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Each year the Zambian Mines Rescue Competition highlights safety in Africa. This year the event was held at the ZESCO Victoria falls Hydro Power Station in Livingstone towards the end of July. Of the six teams who qualified to the finals, Mopani Copper Mines-Nkana A managed to secure the winning spot after defeating KCM Konkola A and KCM Nchanga C who came in second and third place respectively.

The Mines Rescue Competition provides a platform for teams throughout Zambia to showcase their technical skills and knowledge across a range of emergency simulations including mines rescue, first aid and firefighting. Each competition is physically and mentally demanding; mimicking the conditions of a real-life scenario.

Mines Rescue Competition Highlights Safety in Africa
Zambia Mines Rescue Competition

Mr Sokwani Chilembo, Chief Executive Officer of the Zambia Chamber of Mines, said the ‘Chamber aimed at ensuring that mine rescue services bench-marked with regional and international best practices’.

MineARC has a long history in supporting mine rescue competitions, recognising its value in educating the industry on the importance of effective emergency response planning.

“Each team has undergone extensive training throughout the year to keep them in top form and ready at all times, an event such as these provide the ability for these group to demonstrate their skill not just to those in the industry but the broader community.“

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