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MineARC Australia Manufactures 1500th Chamber

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MineARC Australia manufactures 1500th refuge chamber, MA1500 - a major milestone for the global safety company.
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In a major milestone for MineARC Systems Australia, we are proud to announce the recent completion of our 1500th refuge chamber, MA1500. The chamber is a step forward for an organisation that is continually looking to raise the bar in regards to industry safety standards and demonstrates why we are considered to be the world leader in refuge chamber technology by meeting the needs and demands of markets all around the globe.

MineARC Australia manufacture 1500th refuge chamber.

Refuge chambers and safe havens have become a critical safety requirement for industries such as mining, construction, and chemical manufacturing, where there is a high potential for the atmosphere to become contaminated and unsafe.

Fires, explosions, rock-falls, flooding and the release of toxic gases are just some of the types of incidents that occur all too often, despite planning and safety precautions. In these incidents, it is essential to provide a safe location for staff to escape to, when exiting the area is no longer an option. Although personnel may survive an immediate accident, the air can often become soiled with pollutants, smokes and toxins deeming it unbreathable. Refuge chambers help sustain the life of personnel in a secure area while they wait to be rescued; providing a breathable supply of air, water and communications to the surface– ultimately saving lives.

The Growth of MineARC Systems

Since the company’s inception in 1999, MineARC has come a long way from the development of the world’s first scrubber to our 1500th Australian-built refuge chamber. However, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to improving the safe working conditions for all industry personnel.

MineARC has found great success through constant collaboration with our invaluable clients, working closely to ensure that developed products meet the continually evolving demands of the market.

Refuge chambers are a vital, long-term investment it is imperative they meet customer needs. As such, each chamber can be customised and adjusted to suit the requirements of a project.

About MA1500

MA1500 is a 12 Person, MineSAFE Essential Design Refuge Chamber with 36-hour duration in stand-by mode. It is built specifically to meet the needs set by the Barrick Niugini Porgera Mine in Papua New Guinea. The Porgera Joint Venture is an open pit and underground gold mine located at an altitude of 2,200-2,600. This shelter will be the fifth MineSAFE Refuge Chamber delivered to the project this year.

The refuge chamber features the following;

  • Dual language operational instructions in English and Tok Pisin, the local language in PNG Highlands.
  • A Compact Design AuraFX Digital Gas Monitoring System, which gives clear and easy to understand warnings on dangerous gas levels.
  • A video screen to show operational instructions in English and Tok Pisin.
  • CAMS air filtration.
  • Fully flushable airlock.

At MineARC we pride ourselves on the relationships we have developed with local and remote mines across an international landscape. Going above and beyond for our clients continues to be a significant emphasis. Whether that be providing multi-lingual materials, or travelling to site to personally deliver training, and maintenance advice on the chambers; a service that no other similar company offers.

MA1500 demonstrates how far MineARC has grown.

Want to find out more? Contact us to talk about our products, services and custom solutions.

Want to find out more?

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