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Improving Sanitation in African Mines

Access to clean toilets and hand washing facilities are vital to the healthy development and survival of a community. Current waste disposal practices across Africa pose a serious health risk, contaminating water resources used for drinking, cooking and other domestic activities.

Illness and mortality caused by the transfer of communicable pathogens and waterborne disease are high, representing a major burden on human health services throughout the region.

EnviroLAV Improving Sanitation in Africa Mines
Biological technologies utilise both aerobic and anaerobic reactions to break down and treat the waste.

Currently, many mine sites throughout Africa lack the appropriate sanitation facilities necessary to contain transmitted viruses, including effective toilet amenities and proper waste disposal. Numerous companies are now recognising the importance of investing in increased health infrastructure.

MineARC’s EnviroLAV Toilet System is new to the market, a self-contained unit that requires minimal ongoing maintenance. The robust steel structure consists of latrine facilities, mounted on top of a sterile biological treatment tank. This allows waste to be deposited directly into the plant for immediate treatment.

Drawing on existing biological technologies currently used in two different forms of waste management, MineARC has devised a system that utilises both aerobic and anaerobic reactions to break down and treat the waste. Our biodegradable, non-toxic EnviroZYME solution works to break down matter with every flush, involving zero handling of hazardous chemicals. The efficiency of the EnviroZYME solution, coupled with a continual flow of compressed air, ensures waste is properly contained and treated while causing minimal environmental impact.

The standard EnviroLAV requires emptying just once every 12 months. This can be even further reduced by the addition on the Waste Transfer Tank, a stand-alone unit twice the capacity of the EnviroLAV’s inbuilt system. The Waste Transfer Tank allows for efficient waste removal, making transportation of the EnviroLAV system unnecessary.

The EnviroLAV also features a sterile handwashing facility, utilising MineARC’s own EnviroWASH hand sanitising solution.

With the amount of contact between employees and waste matter vastly reduced compared to conventional portable toilets, the EnviroLAV makes for a far more hygienic working environment, proven to ensure the safe containment and management of biological hazards.


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