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Refuge Chambers Brings Safety to Mexican Mining

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MineSAFE-Permanent-Grupo-Mexico-group photo
MineSAFE Permanent Refuge Chamber improves safety at Grupo Mexico

Industrial Minera Mexico, through permanent refuge chambers brings safety to Mexican mining operations. The company sought to offer their workers a secure area that would improve the safety of operations in their mines. MineARC’s regional manager, Tobias Sainz, approached them and offered a solution that met with all their requirements.

The ideal solution for Grupo Mexico was the installation of a MineARC Permanent Refuge Chamber. The refuge chamber was designed for an occupancy of 20 persons and with 96 hours of autonomy, meeting STPS023 Mexican Standard, and International Standards.

On December 2014, a team of MineARC Engineers and Service Technicians travelled to Parral, Chihuahua to conduct the installation of the permanent refuge chamber. In only four days the installation was completed, and in a matter of one day, the hermetic and autonomy testing was finalized. Staff training also took place during this visit, coordinated by engineer Manual Mata, Safety Manager for Industrial Minera Mexico.

The permanent refuge chamber is currently operating and fully functioning at the Parral site. MineARC is very appreciative of the facilitations granted during the installation and look forward to supporting Grupo Mexico in the future.

To read more about MineARC’s Permanent Refuge Chamber solutions, please contact us.

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