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First Refuge Chamber for Open-Pit Mine in India

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Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) purchase a MineARC MineSAFE Essential Design Refuge Chamber for their open-pit mine.
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Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL) has recently purchased a MineARC MineSAFE Essential Design Refuge Chamber for their open-pit Rajpura Dariba Mine in Rajasthan, northern India.

Featuring a narrower shell than the Standard Design, the Essential Refuge Chamber accommodates tight hard rock mining confines, making it easy to manoeuvre and position around the mine site, without compromising on safety or performance.

The Essential chamber is constructed from 6mm steel plates and offers all of the essential features required to sustain life during an emergency. The rear wall housing has been extended to provide greater protection for important air filtration, electrical and backup battery power supply systems; a feature unique to the Essential range.

Inside a MineSAFE Essential Refuge Chamber, a number of vital life support systems combine to create a safe, ongoing environment for occupants during entrapment. HZL’s MineSAFE Essential Refuge Chamber includes primary and secondary oxygen supplies in the form of MineARC’s Compressed Air Management System (CAMS) and oxygen cylinders, an air conditioning system, a positive pressure system and electrical systems.

In conjunction with a UPS battery backup that can power the system for a minimum of 36 hours should mine power be cut off, MineARC’s advanced ELV (extra-low-voltage) Control System has been installed as the operational hub of the refuge chamber from which all power, lighting and CO/CO2 scrubbing can be managed with the flick of a switch.

Also included in HZL’s Essential Refuge Chamber is MineARC’s new proprietary digital fixed gas monitoring system, Aura-FX. With the ability to individually monitor anywhere up to 11 gases via a series of user-friendly, digital screens, Aura-FX is a vast improvement on other current digital gas monitors (DGMs) on the market. Audible voice alarms will prompt occupants to replace scrubbing chemicals or adjust oxygen supply levels into the refuge chamber as required.

HZL’s 20-person refuge chamber will be commissioned in India in January.


For more information on the MineSAFE Essential Design, please contact us.

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